I Don't Care I Love It

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Africa is the poorest continent in the world and many of its countries are struggling due to lack of wealth and weak economies. Ghana is a small country in Africa, located on the outskirts of the continent and to the left of Togo and under Burkina Faso. The total land area of Ghana is about 227,533 square kilometers and the population density is a vast 79.4 people per square kilometer. Three factors that hugely effect and prevent Ghana’s conditions from improving are population growth, HIV/AIDS, and weak economies.
Ghana is a small country with a quickly increasing population. There are approximately 25 million people living in Ghana and about 35 million in Canada, as of 2013. This is a significant factor as Ghana’s population is close to Canada’s, however Ghana’s land area is an estimated three percent of Canada’s. Therefore, Ghana is a highly populated country. Countries with large population densities generally face poor living conditions for multiple reasons. One case is that because there are numerous people, resources must be shared more. Dividing resources among a greater amount of humans leads to fewer resources per person. Therefore, this causes many to fall into malnutrition and possibly die. Ghana’s population is rapidly expanding. In fact, the birth rate in Ghana in 2013 is 31.7 births per one thousand people whereas in Canada it’s only 10.28 births per thousand people as of July 2013. A fast growing population can also lead to pollution since so many are taking and using the world’s resources. Furthermore, this can cause desertification. Overgrazing and the overuse of water from wells can cause desertification. When herds eat crops, all that is left over is soil, which is easily washed away when wind blows or when it rains. Therefore, this produces few arable land patches and minimal vegetation. In Canada, desertification is not an issue as there’s enough water and not many people. There are many reasons as to why the birth rates are excessive in Ghana, although the most significant one is because the education system is deficient. In 2010, the number of people above fifteen who could read and write in Ghana was 71.5 percent whereas in Canada, 99 percent of people over fifteen could read and write. The somewhat low literacy rate in Ghana indicates that people aren’t well educated. Because education is lacking, many people in Ghana are unaware that having intercourse leads to childbirth. Therefore, this results in high birthrates and justifies why Ghana’s population is escalating. Statistics show that a mother’s mean age at first birth in 2008 in Canada is 27.6, however in Ghana it’s 21.8 years. Canada’s school system is exceptional and consequently, women decide to have children later in life as they’re taught about the ways that lead to giving birth. Population growth is one factor that affects Ghana’s conditions.
HIV/AIDS are huge elements that impact the quality of life in Ghana. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus....

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