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"I Do" Or "Please Don't". Same Sex Marriage Debate.

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'I Do' or 'Please Don't' With the recent decision by the Hawaii courts regarding the legalization of marriage between same-sex couples, a political debate across the United States has begun. Many people believe that this is a monstrous step to legalizing same-sex unions country wide, especially since legal tradition recognizes marriages performed in other states as binding within every other state, but also because Hawaii is known for it's liberal, ground-breaking first steps that the other states often follow the model of. If the states have any will, however, they will not fold to the pressure put on them by this state and the gay rights groups, they will continue to not recognize a man and man or a woman and woman as a man and wife. What is marriage anyway? Isn't it the union of two people who love each other to prove their commitments to one another for the future? Yes, but there is more. Webster's Dictionary defines marriage as: 'a) the state of being joined together as husband andwife, b) the state of joining a man to a woman as herhusband or a woman to a man as his wife.'Legally, however, marriage is more than just a statement of love. Marriage comes with economic and legal benefits that one cannot receive alone. For example, joint parental custody, insurance and health benefits, the ability to file joint tax returns, alimony and child support, and inheritance of property and visitation of a partner or a child in the hospital. In fact, the Hawaii Commission on Sexual Orientation itself concluded that denial of marriage licenses to same-sex couples deprived applicants of these legal and economic benefits. So, are homosexuals fighting for the right of marriage to state their love as the gay rights groups suggest or are they pushing for the right of marriage because of the many benefits that come with it? The answer is obvious - they are fighting for the benefits that come along with marriage. If they were fighting for love, then where would we stop these 'feelings?' If homosexuals were allowed to marry because they love each other and they consent, then couldn't a pedophile marry a younger child as long as both parties fully consented? If homosexuals were allowed to marry because they love each other, then couldn't one man marry many wives because he loved each one and they each loved him? If homosexuals were allowed to marry because they love each other, then couldn't a son and his mother, or even a brother and a brother, marry because they love each other? As one member of the Episcopal Laity Group said, 'a line must be drawn and it must never be crossed. Marriage is for a man and a woman, and that's the way marriage will always be.' The gay rights' activists claim that this denial of love, in the form of marriage, is a form of discrimination. These gay rights' activists claim that this denial of love is similar to when slavery was being defended, women's voting rights were being denied, or even more...

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