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I Don't Care If You're Contagious

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You have been learning more and more how to understand how people are feeling just by looking at them since you started being in Pierce The Veil. You don't even know how, but it made you people differently. Being in the band makes you able to see in someone's face wheater the are feeling the happiest they ever did, or wheater they are feeling so misserable that they don't want to continue fighting to have what they truely want.

At first, at the start of the band, you appreciate that quality so much, it made you able to see what the couple of fans you had coming to show were thinking of your perfomance beside the fact that they were jumping everywhere. Because you learnt that even the ...view middle of the document...

But you can't count on them to explain to you what love is and what it is supposed to feel like when the person you think you are feeling it for is the same band as you are. It's the major reason why you can't bring yourself to ask the band about what has been taunting his brown eyes. But it's like a pray waiting to attack. You can't even bring yourself to let loose in his eyes due to how much you fear that presence now. You fear that it will take away a part of the soul of the one you think that you love, when infact, you are the one taking a part of his soul away by doing nothing about it.

You always thought that keeping quiet about the feeling that you think about having for your bestfriend was the best thing for everyone. You always thought that if you told him, it would only add more pain in his eyes. You thought that telling him would scare him and make his eyes reflect all of the trahison he felt about you looking at him in the bunk. You thought that he would that everything that you ever did for him was to get a piece of his ass. But mostly, you thought that he wouldn't accept that you might be able to fall in love with him, if he gave you a chance to.

But the worst thing in that, is that for a really long time, you didn't want that chance. You didn't want a chance to tell him that you wanted a chance with him. Because you knew that given the chance, your heart, it would be completly is. You knew that if by a miracle his heart felt the same. You would get lost in him so easily. And you couldn't allow that to happen to you, not at that time. You couldn't let him get the part of your heart that you never knew how to give, and then ripe it all apart. You were so affraid.

But one night, you found him, more hurt that you'll ever wish to admit to yourself. He was destroyed. And you wanted to hurt the people that did this to him so bad. But then while picking him up to...

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