I Don't Have It That Bad

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I don't have it that badMy sophomore year of High School I played basketball. One night we were playing against Orland and the game was almost over. We were only a couple points behind. I was trying my best to play the best game I ever played. When I went to go get the ball, I tripped over a teammate and I fell. A sharp pain shot through my knee. That's when everything changed for me. Since that day, I have had two surgeries on my right knee. I had my last one in July so it was pretty recent. Since that incident I look at everything differently. There are so many things that I cannot do right now and it has been this way for about one year and a half. I can't go outside with my friends and play a simple game of basketball or just about any sport. I have to be careful in places that are slippery because if I slip, there's a chance that I might re injure my knee. When I would go to school I use to be careless about how I walked. I always had people bumping into me and almost making me fall and vice versa. Now I am constantly aware of my surroundings. I make sure that no one is going to trip over my leg and hurt me.When I'm watching television and I see people playing sports I think to myself, I'm never going to be able to play a sport with out having any problems. I start saying " why did this have to happen to me?" I get so angry that I breakdown and cry. I also ask myself the "What if's?" What if I never would have gone for the ball that night? How would I be right now? Would I have been playing basketball still? Or another sport? I can't even...

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I chose to write my paper on Bipolar because it always has fascinated me. It is a very serious condition that many suffer from however don’t know they have it.

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709 words - 3 pages . Based on this assumption I classify the movies I have seen as better, good, bad and worse. As some of the very best movies I might mention "Oceans Eleven", "Bedazzled" and "Saving Private Ryan". "Oceans Eleven" is action filled, suspenseful and a happening, Bedazzled is a lighthearted comedy and Saving Private Ryan is an epic war story. In Oceans Eleven, the story evolves around Danny Ocean, who comes up with a plan for the most elaborate casino

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1037 words - 4 pages alter the exercise program accordingly. The temperature of the area that the client is exercising in and to make sure the client does not overheat are top priorities for the personal trainer. They also need to be aware that the client may have an exacerbation at any time and may have to greatly decrease their exercise or discontinue it completely, the trainer should plan for this. The trainer should have a plan that slowly brings the client

This essay explains the eight stages that Erik Erikson proposes that everyone goes through. I have given real-life examples that has happened to me.

2117 words - 8 pages their lives with acceptance and healthy relationships. Erikson believes a person, throughout their entire life span, never stops developing, until death. I personally agree with his theory.I have interviewed and/or observed four people that are at different points of Erikson's psychosocial stages to see how they are managing the developmental crises of that stage. My first observation was of a fifteen month old, whom I watched to see how the subject

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