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I Don't Think But I Still Am

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I Don’t Think but I Still Am
Modern society and the Australian aborigines share many differences, but one really stands out. The Aborigines have a great respect for nature. They believe that everything comes from the Dreamtime, so they treat everything like it’s another human. Modern western society is very different. People in modern society have almost no respect for the natural world. Most humans have a need to control nature, but by doing that, they are destroying it. Technological advances only promote this because they are the result of the need to control. If the earth continues to be treated poorly by the majority of society, it will cease to exist. The advance in human technology and need to control everything has caused a poor treatment of nature in modern western society that will lead to the destruction of the natural world, but can be solved by better respecting the earth like the Australian aborigines do.
Most humans have a need to control the world, but this involves destroying and containing nature. Renè Descartes statement—“I think therefore I am”—is a way of separating man from nature because—as he put it—the point was to “render ourselves the lords and possessors of nature”(45). Descartes implies that anything that doesn’t think is not necessary to respect and should be controlled those that do think. Modern society follows this philosophy with a disrespect and need to gain ascendancy over the natural world. People try to contain forests and they just take what they want from nature. In Genesis, Adam and Eve eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge because they want to be in control of what they do while in the Garden of Eden (7). They have a need to know what the fruit does so they can gain sovereignty over their world, but God banishes them from the Garden of Eden as punishment. Unfortunately, people in modern society don’t get banished to another world for attempting to control the environment; they do, however, face the destruction of their only home—Earth—for their need to dominate.
Modern western society has almost no respect for the natural world. Humans continue to destroy the Earth with over-fishing, deforestation, and pollution (Miles). Over fishing causes a loss in the biodiversity of marine life because fish are being caught before they can reproduce and create more fish ("WILD SEAFOOD ISSUE: OVERFISHING Are We Too Good at Catching Fish?”). If fish continue to be caught before they have a chance to reproduce, there won’t be any fish left. A loss of biodiversity would not only occur in the fish, but in sea birds and other animals that require fish to survive. Deforestation has also caused a large decline in biodiversity because it is destroying natural habitats (Admin). By cutting down huge forests, we are destroying the animals’ dwellings. The animals become vulnerable to predators that will kill them. Young animals are especially at risk because they are easy targets and they are not old enough to pass on their...

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