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I Don’t Want To Live Without You.

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The ceremony just began Paul Winston looked over at his girlfriend Crystal. Obtaining his Master’s Degree was quite a feat especially at age 25. Graduating from New York University he was as happy as he could be. He was excited that he could finally begin to join the workforce as a teacher and get his life together. Paul peeked over at Crystal holding their son Zach. Crystal was as beautiful as Aphrodite; Paul felt that he was a very lucky man. His job as a professor for New York University was going well; Crystal was a nurse currently working at New York Downtown Hospital. He thought he would be set until he could retire and move to Kentucky with Crystal and enjoy the rest of his days.
Paul’s class had just began it was a slow day. The students were tired and did not care about the class. Most of them their parents had paid their tuition and paid off the professors, they knew daddy would bail them out if necessary. The girls would flirt with him to try to slide through the class without doing any of the work. Paul felt good about his luck these days: his wonderful wife, his handsome son, his job, his life.
Paul awoke the sun was shining bright through their windows. The neighborhood was loud but peaceful. He looked over at his wife; she was still fast asleep with his son right beside her.

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Her beauty even in her sleep was awake and shining. His only child was sleeping happily, probably dreaming about some candy or playing with their puppy, Onyx. Crystal awoke in a jolt, Paul was up from the bed in the shower singing “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen. Zack was resting beside her still, tuckered out from last night after going to the movies to see an old comedy. Crystal slowly got up trying not to awaken Zack and get ready for her day.
Paul jumped out of the shower and smelt something good. He threw on his clothes and went into the kitchen down the hall from the bathroom. Crystal was making some scrambled eggs and toast, while zack was fussing over his cereal. He scarfed down his food and kissed crystal on the cheek. “Goodbye love see you after work.” He grabbed his suitcase and ran out the door. A golden taxi flew by and he whistled, the taxi came to a screeching halt and he hopped in. Hoping he would make it before the students so he could prepare for his classes.
Meanwhile Crystal strapped Zack into his stroller he was fussy but was happy to be outside in the sunlight. Crystal was going to drop him off at the daycare and head off to work. She decided to take the subway train a few blocks away to save herself some time, and get to work on time. The walk was fairly quick and safe. At the station platform the hair stood up on the back of her neck. Sweat broke across her forehead. She felt as if something was going to happen but did not know what. She pushed zack up to the platform the train blew its whistle warning people it was coming. She rustled her thick brown hair and picked up her son. People were waiting for the train on...

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