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Critical LensThe United States is a highly developed country and is also noticed as a world super power. Although a country may seem powerful and developed, that still doesn't mean it is problem free and doesn't suffer from unemployment. Unemployed people are looked at by society as the lazy members of the community, and no employer wants to hire a "lazy" person. Through experience in being a part of the unemployed community, it was clear that there were going to be some ups and downs. Living off of unemployment benefits can have its pros and cons, and can make it either really hard to live a normal life or really easy. Family life is strained, along with a number of other things. Not only do the members of my society affect each other in daily activities, they also help in making life a more positive experience for me and the other members of the community. Although there's a lot being done to make life a more positive experience, there are still certain issues in the world that I would change, if it at all possible.Although being unemployed may sound negative and at times can be, it can have some positive aspects. Sustaining the family just on unemployment benefits can get tough, but somehow we're able to find a way to make the budgeting work. There's always some worry about whether the electricity will be on in the morning, or whether we'll have the money to buy groceries. The lack of financial stability in the household puts a lot of stress on the family and a lot of stress on the social life. Even though being unemployed gives one a lot of free time, the amount of spending money left after paying bills isn't enough to maintain a social life. Getting a further education has been a major priority, its just hard getting back into the swing of things. Just because the financial part of unemployment is tough, does not mean it is impossible to have a good time though. A lot of past hobbies have resurfaced since the unemployment began. Also there's been a lot of time to get housework done and things that otherwise wouldn't get done if there were a job in the picture. The most positive part of being unemployed has to be the amount of time the family is able to spend together. No matter who you are we all affect each other in different ways. The world would not be the same with out everyone in it, somehow affecting each other, whether it be noticeable or not.Certain members of the community affect each other differently. Any business owner would know that hiring someone at the lowest wage allowed by the state is beneficial to a company. From a small business owner, to the CEO of a major corporation it could be as easy as hiring someone who is been unemployed for a while, and just giving them a chance to do well. Who knows how that could later effect the decision of another person? The persistence of the unemployed person could later inspire the person on welfare to find a job and work for his or her money. Also the person on welfare could help out...

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