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I Dont Want To Write This.

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5/18/2014 Crossroads Apartments - Columbia, SC 29210 | Apartments for Rent 1/3
716 Zimalcrest Drive, Columbia, SC 29210Neighborhoods: Saint Andrews, Seven Oaks, Lake Murray, Irmo
(803) 619­5479
Floor Plans & Pricing
Style Beds Ba 1/2 Ba Sq. Ft. Rent Term Deposit
1 1 0 407 From $402 Per Month Please Call
Studio 1 1 0 490­505 From $432 Per Month Please Call
Apartment 1 1 0 602 From $502 Per Month Please Call
Apartment 1 1 0 618 From $502 Per Month Please Call Apartment 1 1 0 632 From $542 Per Month Please Call
Apartment 1 1 0 686 From $577 Per Month Please Call
Apartment 2 2 0 816 From $572 Per Month Please Call
Apartment 2 2 0 825 From $587 Per Month Please Call
Apartment 2 2 0 832 From $617 Per Month Please Call
Crossroads Apartments

5/18/2014 Crossroads Apartments - Columbia, SC 29210 | Apartments for Rent 2/3
Apartment 2 2 0 848 From $627 Per Month Please Call
Apartment 2 2 0 862 From $637 Per Month Please Call
Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
General Directions
Apartment Features Air Conditioning Alarm Cable Ready Ceiling Fan(s) Dishwasher Oversized Closets
Community Features Clubhouse Emergency Maintenance Extra Storage Fitness Center High Speed Internet Access Laundry Facility Playground Swimming Pool Tennis Court(s) Wireless Internet Access On Site Maintenance Pet Friendly Time Warner Cable
Special Features Pets Short Term Available
Pets AcceptedDeposit: 250Limit two pets per apartment. Monthly Pet Rent of $25/Month Breed RestrictionNo Aggressive Breeds
Weight RestrictionWeight restriction: 99
Cats Allowed Dogs Allowed
Additional Features Near Public Transit BBQ/Picnic Area VISA ITIN Accepted (Tax ID#) Beautiful Wooded Setting...

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