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I For Ideas Essay

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In the cinematographic masterpiece called V for Vendetta, an extremely important theme is believing in an idea. This theme lies in, and behind, the mask that our protagonist V wears. When watching the movie, one thing that stuck out to me the most was how difference each of the characters were. For example, in the graphic novel, V seems like this cold, mysterious, and sort of cruel man. Almost out for himself. It is true that we see some sparks of compassion, but nearly not as many as V in the movie. Movie V is very open and welcoming. He is enthusiastic about music and literature and paintings. His favorite movie is the Count of Monte Cristo. It makes him appear more human. This takes away ...view middle of the document...

Because of these experiments, V doesn't remember who he is. He forgets where he came from, and forgot even his name. In the book, a detective named Finch, who also shows up in the movie, has a theory that the codename V came from the roman numeral of 5, which is the room that V stayed in during his time at the camp. It is revealed that the people who were put into these camps were homosexuals and people of difference races and different religions. It is never revealed which one of these V is, or if there is a different reason. Holding a deep seated grudge against these people, for V was the only survivor, this is his tragic flaw. The plan that V comes up with ends with a literal bang, as he blows up the Parliament building so that Britain can start from scratch. Part of this plan is his own death, which goes to show how desperate he is to get his personal revenge.
The single most important cinematic element in the whole movie is costumes. Not only does this support my theme of idealism, that there is an idea behind the mask rather than a man, but it is essential to the movie. V dresses in lightweight black clothing, concealing himself in the shadows whenever he pleases and gives him the ability to move quickly when nessessary. Always concealing his skin, the only glimpse that is ever really seen of him is towards the beginning of the movie, and not in the book. His hands are shown the morning after he rescues Evey, and he forgets to put his gloves on while making her breakfast. His hands are burned and covered with blisters, and it's hard to look at. However, he casually puts it off remarking on what a beautiful morning it is. Using his words to change the subject smoothly and efficiently. Because he is so in love with literature, it is evident that he has read classics over and over again. V quotes Shakespeare very often in the book, as well as in the movie. This dialogue is important, for whatever small information we learn about his personality and who he is as a whole, is told through his words. Not only is it just literature that V is in love with, however, he is enthusiastic about music and owns a jukebox that had 720 songs on it (if i recall correctly). In this movie, V chooses the music and sets the mood himself, for he plays orchestra music as he carries out his plans on a few different occasions. These occasions...

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