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I Had My Voter Id Card Delhi But Was Still Unable To Cast A Vote.

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Whenever the results of the elections are announced, it is often observed that the margin of votes, through which the winner wins and the other candidates lose, is very narrow. Sometimes as narrow as that of a couple of votes. In that case, for the result to be representative of the decision of majority of the citizens, it is more or less obvious that each and every vote matters.

Whereas it was observed in the recent Assembly Elections New Delhi, where some people, even with valid Voter ID Cards were not allowed to enter the polling booth to cast their votes. This scenario was as much a let down for the whole idea of elections as it was for these people who were not allowed to exercise their franchise to vote.

The probable and most significant reason for this seems to be the fact that the names of these people must have been deleted from the Voter List Delhi without due verification. To which the authorities have responded by saying that thorough investigation and steps would be taken to ensure that such scenario does not recur during the coming Lok Sabha Elections.

Moreover this scenario was an eye opener for everyone as it enlightens the citizens about the fact that possessing the Voter ID Card Delhi alone does not ensure a smooth entry to the polling booth.

Things to ensure other than Voter ID Card Delhi:-

1.) You have your name in the Voters List of your Constituency. Just to make sure that it has not been deleted, you may check it just before leaving home or a day in advance of the Election Day. You can easily check your Name in the Voter List and Voter ID Card Delhi details in that list by sending a simple SMS.

2.) Your particulars on the Voter ID Card Delhi and the Voter List are free of factual errors spelling mistakes. You should also make sure that the Photograph on your EPIC...

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