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I Was Told To Write A Paper Comparing A Common Theme Between The Movies Jaws, The Legend Of Bagger Vance, And Finding Forrester.

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The Fear in MenIt is true that everyone does not have family, or does not feel their family is whole, is somehow, whether they are aware of it or not, always searching for it. We may search in different ways and with different degrees of success, but we search ( Wallace is searching for family, although he does not know it. An awesome basketball player and the owner on an exceptional intellect, 16-year old Jamal is missing a father and direction in his life. William Forrester is also searching for family, and he also does not know it. Forrester is a 70-year old reclusive author who lives alone in a grimy Bronx apartment. A Pulitzer Prize winner, which is the most prestigious writing award known to man, half a century earlier, Forrester's career and enthusiasm for society has been receding for decades. A personal loss has much to do with his stagnation ( Jamal and Forrester meet, purely by chance, an unusual and ultimately rich relationship develops. Forrester needs company beyond his three television sets. Jamal needs a mentor to help him focus on his studies at school. He has been recruited by an esteemed private school for his basketball talent and the promise of his brilliant test results. And now he has got work to do to improve on his 'C' grades.DeSando 2This odd couple's developing relationship is at the center of Finding Forrester. William has lessons to teach Jamal, and eventually, the youngster returns the favor. Forrester is perplexing and likeable, in an old man kind of way. Jamal is the quietly strong and unusually talented young man who learns from his mentor while gently pulling the old man out of his shell. You see, Forrester has a fear of society, a fear that they will not accept him. Jamal also has a fear. He has a fear of intelligence. He is fearful that because of his intelligence his "old school" friends will not accept him.During the summer of 1975, North American beaches were quieter than usual. This was not the result of concern over the damaging rays of the sun; nor was it due to poor weather. Beaches were poorly attended because people were scared. The spectra of Jaws was enough to keep them away, providing as good of an endorsement as a horror/thriller film could ever receive.Jaws is a chillingly frightening film about a wayward and decidedly hungry great white shark that is marauding the beaches of New England's usually peaceful Amity Island. Great whites are not common in those waters, so it takes several fatal shark attacks for police Chief Martin Brody to convince the mayor and others that the threat is real. Once everyone realizes that there is a huge shark munching on swimmers, two specialists are called on to help Brody capture the beast, scientist Matt Hooper and local seafaring tough-guy Quint. The three head out to confront the shark and hopefully free Amity Island of its menace.There is nothing about the story of Jaws to indicate that the movie is anything special....

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