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I Have A Thought; The Usage Of Media In Changing Political Ideology

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The most important thing one can have is a voice. Students work to develop it, authors utilize it, and politics relies on the booming voice of the eternal proletariat. Since the dawn of civilization, this eternal flame has been held in high regard, illuminating all and banishing the darkness from the cave, influencing the government and the people for the sole purpose of enlightenment. For millennia, this importance of words has propagated revolutions based around popular thought, and is one of the driving forces behind many global constitutions and laws. Even in America, the right of the people to express what they feel at any given time is secured first and foremost in the Bill of ...view middle of the document...

The second and more recent of the three ways is auditory, where people use effective oratory, either recorded or live, to influence the people. The third, and potentially most effective, is visual, something that has existed for a negligible amount of time out of the total, but seems to have the most profound impact. Each method has its own strengths and weaknesses, but when combined, it can be an unstoppable persuasive force.
Each method has its own singular vestiges, such as newspapers for the scripted form. Since the creation of the printing press, the ability to read and disseminate information to the populous has been an integral part of societal revolution. The late 18th century, riddled with revolutions, saw that the writings from the Enlightenment were what stirred the people to action. With people being able to write their opinions permanently, the people began to understand more, masses became literate, and people began to revolt against oppressive governments. Although this is a rather extreme example, the same principle can be deductively found throughout history. Many politicians still have books published, both on their ideologies, and on their opinions of the state, a heavy practice in America. Besides books though, more informal methods prevail, typically in a more basic form. Graffiti exists throughout the world as a lasting example of the masses attempting to burst forth from the bondage of any chain. In major countries, graffiti litter the buildings, transit systems, and even public parks as people express opinions, bring attention to social issues, and try to evoke a change. Even in an auditory medium, political speech is charged with the winds of change. In classical antiquity, many scholars were taught the art of oratory, in the hopes that their sermons and orations would influence the people. Auditory is the one most often taken granted of, as sonorous expression is typically considered inherent, but it plays a large role in political thought. At random and multifarious intervals, politicians will give speeches, typically to live audiences as the speech will be broadcasted at some later point, on any number of issues. Even in grassroots movements the center of the ideology is typically a figurehead who, with the ability to parlay well, rallies the people together under powerful and coercive leadership (cf. Washington, Hitler, etc.). Another major example is music, a popular mode of expression for millennia. In many songs, a message is conveyed so that the listener can understand either an issue or a solution to an issue. In Blue October’s Into the Ocean, the listener hears many words playing on how the narrator of the song is drowning, stuck in the water, and unable to swim. The pivotal...

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