I Have Been Asked To Investigate How The Temperature Of An Experiment

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I have been asked to investigate how the temperature of an experiment
affects the rate of reaction. In the experiment I will do it as the
temperature of the hydrochloric acid.

How Does the Temperature Affect the Rate of Reaction?


I have been asked to investigate how the temperature of an experiment
affects the rate of reaction. In the experiment I will do it as the
temperature of the hydrochloric acid.

Reaction rates can be explained by the Collision Theory. The rate of
reaction depends on how often and how hard the reacting particles
collide with each other. Basically the particles have to collide in
order to react.

If the temperature is increased, the particles will have more energy
and so will move quicker. If they're moving quicker, they will have
more collisions.



The variables that may affect my investigation are:

· The temperature
· The size of the pieces of marble chips
· How much hydrochloric acid you use in the flask

The variable that I am going to investigate is the temperature. This
is because there is more of an advantage due to the fact that there is
more of a range of temperature than there is in the size of marble
chips you use or the amount of hydrochloric acid you use.


I predict that when I increase the temperature of the experiment, the
reaction will take place faster. This is because when the temperature
increases, the particles will all move quicker. If they're moving
quicker, they will have more collisions.



· Conical Flask
· Bowl
· Delivery Tube
· Bung
· Thistle Funnel
· 250ml Cylinder
· Bunsen Burner
· Timer
· Thermometer
· Balance
· 5g Marble Chips
· 50ml Hydrochloric Acid


· Set up the equipment as shown in the diagram.
· Weigh 5g of marble chips on the balance.
· Measure 50ml of 1.5m hydrochloric acid.
· Measure the temperature of the acid.
· Add the acid to the marble chips in the conical flask.
· Measure the time taken to fill up the 250ml cylinder with gas.
· Record the time on your table
· Repeat the last 6 steps increasing the temperature of the acid, with
the Bunsen burner, by 10 each time.

Safety Precautions:

· Wear goggles when using acid
· Don't boil the acid
· Don't mess with the acid

Fair Test:

I made this a fair test firstly by making sure I had exactly 5g of
marble chips and 50ml of hydrochloric acid each time I did the

I also made sure the water in the cylinder was full to the top when I
tipped it up into the bowl and none came out.

When I put the acid in, I made sure the bung was on properly so no gas
could escape out of there.

I made sure the timer was set correctly before I started it and made
sure I pressed start as soon...

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