I Have Respect For What Ralph Nadar Is Trying To

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I have respect for what Ralph Nadar is trying to do for our country. Ralph is stirring up the political world with his Green Party backing him up. Ralph has been the leading candidate for presidential elections for sometime now. He has been slowly gaining a lot of people supporting him and his ideals he brings to the table. But with the Democratic and Republic in the power positions such as television stations and incorporated with very wealthy corporations its hard for Ralph to become more well known. But what he has done so far is extraordinary for the resources he has he makes the best out of them. Ralph talks about the corporate world and how it affects not just some but everyone in the United States. It corporate corruption happens whether we like it or not. The corporate people have very intelligent people working ...view middle of the document...

I mean the people in the alcohol industry or the tobacco industry they don't care if it is harmful to people as long as their stocks go up. Those industries zoom in on basically the younger generation people because they will think its hip to do it. Even if we don't think we have a corporate mind we are just joking ourselves. Because every wants to have money and lots of it. Its shown in many things the money goes farther than words. When Ralph Nadar talked about the eighty billion dollars we used to send troops into East Asia and in Europe. One of his alternatives was we could have used that money for better life quality in America. I think our country is more worried about saving other people lives than ours. Because there are so many people homeless people in this country and yet we do nothing about it. We basically just block them off from society, which is wrong. I mean it would make a lot more sense to help us first than others. I just feel a little disappointed in our country the way we just turn our backs on those that need help the most. In conclusion I never heard Ralph Nadar speak and I felt that he was more open to the people than the other parties. He is willing to speak out against them on their connections to multi million corporations. I think he scares the other two parties for the fact that he doesn't follow their status quo. He has accomplished a lot with the little resources he has and is gaining votes. But I feel that the Democrats and Republicans will not let him into the mainstream. Because they are scared that he will let the people know what kind of corruption is going on in America. It's easy to see for example they won't even let him into the debates. Because if a third party does it means social change and they will not allow it. Do I think he could win a presidential election? I don't think so because both parties will work together on not letting that happen.

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