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When we come busting out our mother’s womb, our mind is immediately subject to our family’s morals and teachings. We believe what the people around us pound in our heads. We’re hidden from the things they never meant us to see. Therefore, our minds our narrow to what we always known and our eyes blind to what seems dangerous to the people that love us. However, some of us escape and expand our observations of the world, not only because of curiosity or interest, but because we stumble into it. Sometimes what we learn in life is not good but we witness the bad and strive to avoid it.
Every other house has wooden replacements for the windows. If there are any windows, there’s guaranteed a hole in it. Does anyone care about how this neighborhood looks? My boyfriend reads my thoughts,
“Yeah, it’s a lot different than your neighborhood. Welcome to the hood.”
It’s a hot July afternoon and the park is packed. My boyfriend, Drake, his friends, Jonathan and Ron, and I go to the field a throw a Nurf football; so, I don’t break my nails. I run full speed to catch the ball, but it still drops on the ground. As I reach down to get the ball, I notice a boy about five or six year’s old standing a good yard from me and he has a mugged look on his face that could kill.
“Get your dumb a** on that bench and sit down. Didn’t I tell you not to get your shoes dirty?”
The woman looks like the boy’s mother or aunt. He’s at the park; isn’t that kind of implied? (I learned later that it probably wasn’t the shoes why she was irritated.) Ten minutes later I see the same little boy playing excitingly with, what looks like, a friend. He looked so much happier with his buddy than he did with his mother. But, it was more than that. He had more respect for his friend. Drake came from behind me grabbing for the ball.
“Did you see them do their little handshake?” The boys did some tricks with their fingers, then, ended it with a grip.
I started to read the situation. Put it together piece by piece. Of course, a child that doesn’t feel the presence of love is going to go where they feel they can find it. He is so young and already alienated himself from his family. If he’s not getting the care and support at home, he will go to the friends that are there for him regularly to find happiness. Then, kids dedicate themselves to these gangs. As they get older, they become violent expressing hatred and anger. This may not be the case for every child; however, every child that doesn’t have a happy home takes it out on themselves or society. Every person I talked to, in that area that has been in trouble or done something worthy of jail-time has a story to tell. Now, most of them are addicts (walking around all day), drunks, were in jail, or still working to leave. (However, after being in the area for so long, leaving isn’t an option anymore.)
“I went to jail for ten years for shooting this girl for my money. Looking back on it, it was so stupid. Ha ha, me and my...

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