Analysis Of Lori Andrews´ Book I Know Who You Are And I Saw What You Did: Soical Network And The Death Of Privacy

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Lori Andrews, the author of “I Know Who You are and I Saw What You Did: Social Networks and the Death of Privacy” is a law professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology and an advocate for online privacy. This literary work goes in depth about the need for a Social Network Constitution to help law abiding private users like you and I actually have the privacy and security we think we already have in the vast, scary, and ultra-complex cyber world. Ms. Andrews throughout her book provides thorough evidence and information about people being fired, data collectors mining through user’s data, and other horrific stories of people being abused because of their “supposed” online activities. Her work and career has been so thorough that she is a common guest on astute shows such as 60 Minutes, and Oprah. In this response, I will elaborate more on her research and her particular findings; in addition, I will provide some examples of why I also believe there must be a Social Network Constitution as a result of the of the horrific and unnecessary accounts given by the witnesses who bravely provided this information for her and her research team. Privacy is an intrinsic part of the makeup of our proud Nation, and we as law abiding citizens must do all we can to preserve this freedom and fight even harder, because right now, Social Networks and advertising companies are stripping each computer user of this sacred privilege.
In the opening of her book, Ms. Andrews describes the world as one enthralled and in love with being a part of “Facebook Nation.” She describes how powerful the founder of Facebook has become (Mark Zuckerburg). Ms. Andrews even explains how he attends important meetings and has a seat at the table with the most important leaders in the world. More importantly, she describes how Facebook has people flocking to it because of its answer to peoples never ending “search for freedom” (Andrews 2). Facebook provides ordinary people with an avenue to be unordinary and special. Ms. Andrews wrote, “An ordinary person can be a reporter, alerting the world to breaking news of a natural disaster or a political crisis. Or an investigator, helping cops solve crimes” (Andrews 2.) All of this is very interesting and mesmerizing technology, and in essence describes why Facebook and other networks like Twitter and Myspace are so important to our world in the 21st century. Social Networks have helped make the world a more transparent place, and has increased participation in important events like political elections to nominate our nation’s leaders. And of course, Social Networks help us stay in contact with people who otherwise we would lose contact with immediately after moving through particular stages of our lives. However, what people do not understand is what goes on behind the scenes, when data is streaming through routers throughout the world and people are tracking your every move. Ms. Andrews herself understands as to why people flock to...

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