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I Like Penis Essay

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Crime in some places is getting out of control, while some local and others distant we still shall, in every way possible, protect our fellow people. We are all concerned about the crime rate in our country. We have many questions about the crime rate in our country. We want answers. Why is the crime escalating? Why does it seem like nobody cares? Is there really a solution to the crime? There are solutions to the problem, but are we really ready to take on the challenge. Would we be able to reduce the murder rate from 60 each year to 10?I think we can. The truth is that we all are in someway contributing to the increasing crime rate in our country. We ignore even the most devastating ...view middle of the document...

Now, Neighborhood watch may in some instances not be the ideal solution to fighting crime, but if statistics show that it does slow down crime, then why not give it a try.

Police officers believe it or not are very crucial when it comes down to keeping our streets safe, while some officers aren’t ‘the nicest” they are still here to serve and protect the people of the united sates. Statistics have shown that having more officers patrolling will reduce crime rates by 5-15 %. It is very that if you increase the chances for an offender to get caught then the chances for them to commit a crime also decreases. A recent study done by Justin mcCrary, professor of law at UC Berkeley, shows that In Los Angeles, crimes in the major categories tracked by the FBI have declined by 75 percent since the 1990s. Oakland has also seen some decreases in crime but not at the levels experienced by other cities, McCrary said. Although in some states like Michigan police manpower is dropping along with crime levels

A study done by john barnes shows that police numbers are dropping, so you would assume the crime rates would sky rocket, but the crimes rates are surprisingly dropping as well. The police departments are still as to why this is true especially in the city flint, flint being the #1 most dangerous city in the U.S with an average Crime per square mile (CPSM) of 256 while the national average of 39.3. Knowing that less police officers. After finding this data there is no clear answer as to if more police officers= less crime, but know we know that there are tons of ways to reduce crime for some places it may be subtracting police force in others it may be to add police force having surveillance cameras also help reduce crime. A study done by homeland security in august of 2003 showed that some cities in Chicago the crime level did drop substantially, but in others the crime level skyrocketed. Most would assume that cameras aren’t going to be able to stop a robbery in progress and for the most part they’re right, but what it will do is help fight the never-ending battle of crime by catching criminals in the long run and preventing from future acts of violence. I’m not saying that with more cameras...

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