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I am going talk about the business that I enjoy shopping at first. There are actually several businesses that every time I am in town or near them I have to stop whether I need anything or not. One of those businesses is Atwood’s ranch and home store. The people that work at the store are very knowledgeable and are willing to help locate and provide their knowledge of the product or products that you as a customer are seeking to purchase. It is always a positive when you can go into a store and not feel that you will be judge from the employees if you have to ask a question about a product in regards to what it is, how it works, and if it’s what you need for the task that you are currently working on. You are able to go into Atwood’s with questions about something and leave there feeling that you really have a grasp on things. I grew up on a farm and this store was always useful in helping us on the farm and seemed to be a stop on a weekend trips to town. The employees that are willing to help are a huge part to being a successful and trusted business and that’s what Atwood’s provides. They also usually have everything and anything that I could need or want available. They have items that meet the needs of farmers, sportsman, athletes, supplying lawn and garden, tools and hardware, pet supplies, sporting goods, clothing of all kinds, and several seasonal categories in their merchandise assortment. I am a huge outdoorsman and I love messing around in the yard, gardening, mowing, anything that gets me outdoors so it is almost like this store is tailored specially for me. I love the fact that I can go into Atwood’s with the idea of one thing and find several other ideas that can be beneficial to me. The wide variety of merchandise is also a very important trait that this particular business holds. Then there is the topic of pricing. The pricing of the merchandise is very reasonable and you can often find specials and many different things on sale throughout the store. The store offers discounts as well as sales on many items. There is a discount for all the farmers that come into the store and purchase items regularly which are a big bonus for many people. Atwood’s is also open for a 7 day period and have a large time frame from opening and closing times. Another major feature that I love about Atwood’s is that you can find a lot of things throughout the store that cannot be found anywhere else around. There are toys and clothing that is found at Atwood’s that is unique and isolated in where you can find it. I’m also a big stickler on old fashioned merchandise and that is a huge part of the Atwood’s line up. You can find several different things in the store that your grandparents used in their lives and I love that. It takes you back to a simpler time. Not only is there the fact that it is old fashioned items but there is the fact that I absolutely love that old fashioned kind of stuff. I love old fashioned root beer, bags of peanuts, and a bunch...

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1199 words - 5 pages it negatives for example how women roles changed around the household. The women no longer needed to tend to their families but work in factories for 14- 16 hours a day because of the economy changes that prevail from industrialization. The women were still being treated secondary towards society but were meant to work like men. This upset women and would cause them to revolt some time later in history. The government implemented working

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664 words - 3 pages , with marked and annotated passage and outline (AG), draft an analytical close read essay. (MG) HW: Read Ch. 45 - 49 31 Begin discussion of "Phase the Sixth" Ch. 45 - 49. Alec's transformation, proposal, threshing machines, Tess's letter, Angel, Old Lady Day, Blackmore Vale, the fires, Tess's father, and Fate. HW: Read Ch. 50 - 52 and complete discussion questions and journal for this phase. April 1 Turn in homework and discuss "Phase the Sixth

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878 words - 4 pages among the worst of problems in America because it contributes towards a progressively unstable state in the economy and prevents many Americans from fulfilling their financial dreams. There are different types of debt, although they all contribute towards the country’s status just the same. One of the most common types of debt Americans have is personal debt. This type of debt is the result of purchasing assets with values that diminish over time

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1040 words - 5 pages reminds me of fun. The third thing I'd hate to lose is my 2007-2011 photo album. I've always loved taking pictures because I believe that as soon as you press that button on your camera, you freeze every second and every feeling in that instance, and when you reveal those pictures it's like you have a time machine to reveal the past. When I moved to the United States for the first time, when I was 20, the first place I landed was Tampa, Florida. I

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1130 words - 5 pages pa lang ang sarili ko pero pinasakan niya ang bibig ko ng marshmallow."Nah. Don't deny it, Ashley. I knew it from the start. Like, duh! Sino ba namang magdedeny na crush mo ang isang tao eh kung araw-araw mo na lang siyang nakikita sa canteen, magde-daydream about sa kanya habang dakdak ako ng dakdak." nilunok ko na yung marshmallow at nagcross arms."Ok, fine. May gusto ako sa kanya. May gusto ako kay Harry. Happy now? Tsk." Bigla naman akong

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1077 words - 4 pages I was the one who had ripped my heart out, long ago.   I never cried. As a little baby, I had pneumonia and a host of other problems but I never cried. You'd think, if I'd ever cry, that would have been the night... I didn't feel like crying. I realized that all this time, all my wishes, all my dreams, were just as phony as everyone else's. I wasn't special, I was just self-important.   I remember I had a crush on a

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569 words - 2 pages Lil’ Wayne- I Feel Like Dying -The song I Feel Like Dying by Lil’ Wayne uses many metaphors to portray surrealism. The fact that Lil’ Wayne, also known as Weezy, is usually tripping on cough syrup or some other drug when he is writing or recording his music. His trips and addictions are very apparent in this song. Wayne refers to many drugs and substances in this song such as marijuana, alcohol, codine, xanax and other

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642 words - 3 pages theatre that held gladiator shows during the Roman Empire. The Colosseum is also a famous wonder of the world and it is one of the reasons why I want to visit Italy. Some of the historic places in Rome which I’d like to visit are the Roman Forum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps and Palatine Hill. The Roman Forum is a rectangular plaza surrounded by several important government buildings and it was the center of the Roman public life for

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1577 words - 6 pages sadistic and cold. Completely reading the poem allows the reader to understand what the first line actually means. Dickinson does not like a look of agony because she enjoys watching others suffer; she is fascinated by the expression of agony. The second line of the poem “Because I know it’s true-,” (line 2) offers some insight into why she has this fascination. Many human emotions can be falsely projected or controlled. People tend to feel

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2125 words - 9 pages order is maintained because people act and think in similar ways and this leads to a common conscience and order and social ties are homogeneous and relatively weak so the latter is a repressive force to the common conscience. The main argument that Durkheim proposed in this work was that to keep order in society both moral and economic regulations are needed, and because of this, the law would seize to be a repressive force and become one of