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I Love My Country. I Am Proud To Be A Malaysian. Discuss In What Extend You Agree With This Statement.

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QUESTION: I love my country. I am proud to be a Malaysian. Discuss in what extend you agree with this statement.

Yes, I love my country, Malaysia and I also proud to be a Malaysian. First of all, the multi-racial of Malaysia has make Malaysia become a unique country in the eye of everyone. This is because we can't really found any others country that have 3 racial as Malaysia. Due to we are multi-racial country, we are able to practice, share and learn a lot such as different language, culture, and festivals from each others.

Firstly is our multi language. As a Malaysian, this is what I should proud to be is our language. One of us can learn at least 3 different languages. Example: as a Malaysian Chinese, we able to speak more than 1 language which is mandarin, Cantonese, bahasa melayu, English, hokkien, and so on. So, when we travel to another country, we are able to communicate with each others and we no need to worry. This is one of the things that I proud with, because others country citizens actually not able to practice like us. Besides, as a Malaysian, we have our own rojak language that only can understand by Malaysian. Normally we like to use Chinese, mandarin, bahasa and English join together and become sentences. Example: "I really tak suka dia punya lo, tapi dia selalu stick dengan I". This is the unique and special of Malaysia and only Malaysian can understand, and this is what I proud to be a Malaysian.

Secondly, we can practices and learn different culture from others races. We study, we learn, and we understand everyone culture and we respect each others. Besides, all of Malaysian are practicing others racial culture as a part of their life. Example: some of the Malay peoples are using Chopstick when eating. And when Malays fasting (puasa), we will respect them and try not to...

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