I Love The Rocky Mountains Of Colorado

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Home is where the heart is and my heart lies in the mountains. Ever since I took up skiing I have fallen in love with the majestic size and beauty of mountain peaks. My love for the mountains was heightened when my family took a vacation to Colorado. Seeing the dominating peaks of the Colorado Rockies was simply awe inspiring. The mountains capture me with four key aspects: animal life, skiing, size, and beauty. The problem I run in to is deciding where my home truly is. Is it the tranquility of the Whites, or is it the awe-inspiring majesty of the Rockies.
Frequently skiing and traveling in northern New Hampshire, I got to see a whole lot of the White Moutnains. The White Mountains of New Hampshire are mountains that take up about a quarter of the state and are home to animals, humans, ski resorts, hiking trails, and many other attractions. They are called the White Mountains because of two reasons: The highest peak (Mount Washington) is often snow-covered for most of the year, so when settlers first came to the New World, that is what they saw. The other reason they are so called is because of the granite tops of the mountains appear white to people observing at a distance. The White Mountains are the first mountains I came to know and love and will always hold a special place in my heart.
Living and breathing apart from human influence live the animals of the Whites.The White Mountains of New Hampshire play host to several species of plant and wildlife. Among these are the infamous moose, a species that once neared extinction but has since made a comeback. Along with the moose are the coyotes, deer, fox, and many other species. These animals make the White Mountains a great place to go, as a chance to see any one of these creatures is a memorable lifetime event.
The skiing in the White Mountains is the best in all of New Hampshire. The Mountains are home to about a dozen ski resorts with some of the most notable being Loon Mountain, Cannon Mountain, and Bretton Woods. While not where I first learned to ski, the Whites are where I went to hone my skills and become better than I ever would have been able to had I just stuck with the little hills of Southern New Hampshire. The White Mountains provide a challenging haven for skiers from all over New England as they are the tallest peaks in the area.
The White mountain National Forest is approximately 1225 square miles and takes up a quarter of the state of New Hampshire. Small only in comparison to the Rockies, the White Mountains are large in their own right. Withing the confines of New Hampshire, the White Mountains have the highest peaks in the Northeast, dwarfing mountains in Massachusetts, Vermont, New York and Maine. The Tallest peak in the range is Mount Washington standing at 6288 feet tall. There are 48 mountains that rise above 4000'
The White Mountains of New Hampshire are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The overlook of lakes and rivers and the view of...

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