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I Love You Essay

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As a parent, you may have questions about sending your child to preschool in Washington. Many parents wonder whether preschool in Washington is necessary at all. The following information is designed to answer some of these questions and to give you valuable information about preschool and how it can benefit your child.

Parents often have questions about what the differences are between sending a child to a Washington child care center, and a Washington preschool. A daycare center usually caters to children in many age groups. A preschool caters to children of a certain age. Therefore, your child would be in school with those of the same age as them, or those who are very close in age to them. This allows your child to spend time with their peers, who have a similar skill set and similar strengths.

Another difference between day care and preschool is the amount of time that your child spends at each place. Often a day care will have longer hours. A day care is designed to provide child care to working or busy parents. A preschool is more focused on your child's education and social interaction. Therefore, they operate for fewer hours per day and your child may not go every day.

Often parents have a choice as to how many days per week they wish their child to attend preschool. Schools usually offer options for two, three, and five day weeks. Preschool usually lasts for half a day. However, some programs offer expanded hours for parents who work. If this is important to you, look for a school that offers full day hours for working parents.

When choosing a Washington preschool for your child, choose one that focuses on both academics and play. Some may be more focused on play, while others could be more focused on academics. A good balance is best for children of this age. Not all preschools will use the...

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