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I Love You, Son Essay

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Not everyone born to be a wealthy. Not everyone can be cuddled by their parents. Yogi, the ten years old boy, who had a disorder caused by polio when he was a baby lived with her mother in Jakarta. He couldn’t walk properly as other kids. He didn’t have any friends. He never played with other kids. What he did just work to get money. His father had passed away when he was 4 years old. His mother was a housekeeper. She didn’t care enough about Yogi. She also didn’t know if Yogi was working. In her mind, Yogi has been just a burden.
“Yogi, wake up. What time is it? Go, pick the fire-wood. Don’t be so lazy. Sluggard!” His mother said in a harsh manner.
In the early morning, Yogi limped to ...view middle of the document...

But unfortunately, it didn’t happen to him. When he got back, his mother scolded as usual.
“Where did you go? Come so late every day. You always play around all day. Useless!” His mother wrenched anger upon him.
“I’m sorry, mom!”
“I’m full of your sorry. Now, buy me some food. Here’s the money.” Her voice had never been lower.
In the cold night, he walked as soon as he could. The fears came over time he walked. He looked to his side over and over again, flit from left to right. Suddenly, two heartless men came to him in a quiet street. They robbed his money that was given by his mother. They also seized the money that he collected today. How cruel they were. Yogi was so desperate after it. How could he come back without anything? How would he explain it to his mother? He cried and came back home desperately.
“Where is the food? Why your hands are empty?” said his mother.
“I’m sorry, mom. I was robbed before I get the food. There was nobody who can help me. I was alone.”He said.
“What? How could you become so careless and useless? You are such a bothersome!” She got warmed up. “Now, you sleep outside. Don’t get in before I ask you to.”
In the deep of his heart, he felt a deep pain. Whatever he did, was wrong. He never felt the affection from his mother. Sometimes he blamed God for what happened in his life. That night, he should sleep in the cold. His mother just gave him a sarong to cover up his body. Before sleeping, he prayed to God that he could feel the affection from his mother although just a minute. He wanted to be caressed. He wanted his mother to say that she loved him. He imagined those hopes before he slept. How wonderful if those things became real. He smiled in tears and slowly he fell asleep.
The sun’s rays had touched Yogi’s face gently. Slowly he opened his eyes. He always tried so hard to get up because of his disability. As usual, he looked for some fire-wood after getting up. After that, he went to the park where he polished shoes. He looked so happy on the day. The man came back to polish his shoes that day.
“Yogi, you look so happy today? What’s going on?”The man wondered.
“Today is my mother’s birthday. I’m going to buy a new dress for her. I just need Rp.20.000 more to buy it.” Yogi smiled.
“Wow, you’re such a good boy. Your mother must be chuffed.”
He was very happy to hear those words from him. He couldn’t wait to buy the dress. He couldn’t wait to see his mother’s smile. He had to work hard today, so that, he could buy the dress on the day.
“Okay. It has done Mr. Harry.” Said Yogi
“Wow, they are shinier now. Thank you Yogi. Here’s the payment.” Mr. Harry thanked and gave him Rp.50.000.
“Sir, I don’t have the changes. It’s too much.” Yogi was confused.
“It’s all for you, then. For the dress.” he smiled.
“But, sir…”Yogi refused.
“It’s okay. Now go, buy the dress! Make your mother happy!” Mr....

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