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I'm in the band. No, scratch that; I'm more than just in the band. I am the band. Unless, of course, that makes me sound conceited. In which case, I describe myself as an integral component to the marching band. The band would never be the same without me! I admit it: I'm a band nerd, a music nut, and a clarinet geek. You can describe me with whatever phrase you want. Regardless of how you look at it, I'll always be a band geek, and I'm proud of it!


Not only am I in the band, but I am an essential component to the success and well-being of my section. The clarinets never sounded better than when they were under the direction of Section Leader Sarah, whom they all loved and adored. Okay, that's a boldfaced lie. As a dedicated band member, I demand perfection, not only in my own performance, but also in the performance of others. I refuse to accept mediocrity from any section member. In my opinion, there is no excuse for not knowing music, ignoring instructions, or not knowing right from left. Sadly, this quirk of mine doesn't make me terribly popular among the other clarinetists. I can only hope the rest of the section will eventually realize that rules and regulations are in place for one reason: to make the whole band better.


Although band, like every other organization, has its downsides, I still thoroughly enjoy it. As much as I complain about the many practices, challenging music, and prolonged rehearsals, I love being involved. Most of my free time is spent in the band room rehearsing, talking with my fellow instrumentalists, or discussing music selections with my director. When I'm not practicing for marching band, I'm usually involved in some other music group. In addition to being section leader, I am the principal clarinet in symphonic and concert bands, a position that comes with the awesome privilege of frequently having my music knocked off...

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