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“I'm Here To Play Football For The Irish!”

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Running onto the Notre Dame football field, as the fans yell from the stands, “Ru-dy! Ru-dy! Ru-dy!” is all Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger dreamt about. In the beginning of the movie Rudy, Rudy told his father, “After high school, I’m gonna play football at Notre Dame.” Everyone always told Rudy that he could never attend Notre Dame, let alone play football for the Fighting Irish. Rudy was determined to fulfill his dream, and show everyone that he could do whatever he set his mind to. Rudy accomplished his goal to go to Notre Dame by going to a community college first, to raise his grade point average. During his time at Holy Cross Community College, Rudy discovered that he was dyslexic and worked hard to earn good grades despite having dyslexia. In the same sense as Rudy Ruettiger, I plan to achieve my goal to go to the University of Tampa, after completing an associate’s degree at Joliet Junior College.
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Going to a university right out of high school is not always the right choice for some high school graduates who did not try their hardest for a good grade point average. For Ivy League universities, it is especially essential to have a high grade point average. Some universities have a set grade point average needed while apply and will not look at the application if they see a lower grade point average. Junior colleges can help a student raise their grade point average with the lower class size, and show their full potential.
Both out of state, as well as in state universities are most of the times difficult to get into. Numerous students who apply to a university get denied from the admissions. The students who continuously try to get into a university are documented for their effort and have better chance of getting accepted. Going to a community college shows the admissions office that education is important to that student, and it is recognized at the university. Getting accepted to a university out of state can be simper after completing at least a semester at a junior college.
Attending a community college before a university can be an easier transition. The class sizes are typically smaller, making it more comparable to a high school class that the students are used to. In addition, it is easier to have a one on one learning with the professors since the class size is not very large. Having a relationship with the professor can be important in learning. Many of the university courses are taught by a teacher’s assistant, making it so the student do not learn for the teacher they registered with.
No matter what, accomplishing a dream is by far the biggest achievement anyone can do. Sometimes, going to a community college is what students need to do before going away to a university. My dreams are a lot like Rudy Ruettigers in the sense that Rudy had to save up for his dream like I have to save up for mine. In every way, Rudy Ruettiger is a perfect role model for never giving up. No matter how many people try to convince a person that they cannot do something, the more that person should try to show them, that they can do it.

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