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"We have this mentality that no one should be offended in any way. But the truth is..." Some may not understand what to take from this. For some it could create an idea of saying things that are offensive, simply because they are true. That is not what this line means. Everyone is offended by something. Offense is also one of many factors that can destroy relationships. The determining factor of offense is the choice we make as a result of the offense.

"Everyone is offended by something." This statement seems too general. It almost sounds as if it should be labeled as common sense. But unfortunately, there are some who think they can't get offended.

"I'm not offended." That is the one thing I've trained myself to think since this time last year. Recently I was involved in a conflict. I kept thinking that I wasn't offended in any way. After the conflict was resolved, my dad told me to watch a 30 minute video called "The Bait of Satan". The speaker, a man named John Bevere, was preaching on how offense can cause conflict and ultimately destroy relationships. He also wrote a book called The Bait of Satan. (Ironically, the video was actually playing before the conflict started.)

Offense. According to the Oxford American Dictionary, offense is annoyance or resentment brought about by a perceived insult to or disregard for oneself or one's standards or principles. In the words of John Bevere,"One who is offended is one who can't forgive. And a person who can't forgive has forgotten what they have been forgiven of." An offended person can be the source of broken relationships.

There are three categories of offended people. There are people who are always offended. There are people who truly are offended. And, there are people who are offended but believe they aren't.

There are people who are always offended. These are the people who are easily offended and sometimes find a reason to get offended. This is a very common group of people. It's probably best to avoid people like this. The message of The Bait of Satan wasn't even directed to this group of people. If you are one of these people, the best advice for you is simply, don't choose to be offended. You might get offended but don't choose to be offended.

There are people who truly have been offended. Many people fit into this category. And, as I said in the beginning, the determining...

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