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I'm Not Crazy Essay

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Sariah Durrant
I’m Not Crazy
How We Can Solve The ‘Issue’ Of The ‘Insane’

My so called ‘friends’ stared at me, their mouths agape, attempting to comprehend what words had just crawled out of my throat. I mean, I wasn’t really my fault I had said that. Whenever something is mentioned or I see something my thoughts immediately shift to something weird or disturbing. One particular person had mentioned a murder and a suicide and I accidentally blurted out, “Oh yeah, I do that all the time in my head.” I quickly realized how wrong that sounded so I attempted to cover it up with a simple, “Just kidding,” but I knew that it was already too late. I knew now what they thought of me, and what they ...view middle of the document...

One of the simpler solutions that society itself has found is to either medicate or lock up the seemingly insane. People, excuse me, society and the majority of the masses think that it is such a simple fix by using prescriptions and treatments to ‘repair’ those of us who are considered unstable. They believe that it is a great improvement and they can make the world a better place by doing that but in all actuality, they make it worse. Yes it can be seen as a solution, but it is not the best because it can cause those tormented people to become angry and if they’re locked up then they have time to think and that is so very dangerous. That is what makes serial killers and murderers of all sorts. And it is so very hard to change what has already happened and already been done. If you want to help somebody who has problems or is going through a rough time then you need to try and understand rather than try to fix them.
If you were trying to seem less crazy than you know you actually are, then another possible strategy that you could use would be to take you inner emotions and thoughts and use them to create humorous things and use your pain to make others feel better. That is what I have often done to try and calm myself down and make myself appear to be a little more on the normal side. People often say that I’m so creative and hilarious and some people have commonly dubbed me as ‘cool’. I believe that this is an after-effect of my attempts to be ordinary, and they seem to be working. Using your pain and fear and anguish to create somebody else’s joy and happiness is possibly one of the best ways to ‘fix’ the lonely psychotic-ness of one’s heart and mind. Of course, it still doesn’t help much but if you can make it better bit by bit, isn’t it really worth the effort? I have now found that the sadness is worth the joy.
Out of all of the possible ways to cure ‘the insanity of the cursed’, I have found one that is the best way (at least, for me) to get rid yourself of the pains and iniquities that you suffer from and forge through, is to express everything through music and art. To be able to pour so much of your soul into something so public yet personal without revealing all of your secrets is the greatest blessing that I have stumbled upon. It’s almost...

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