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I'm Not Crazy Essay

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Paramedics hold my arms down, staining their gloves a deep red. Doctors and nurses yell at each other, racing across the hallways wheeling me into the operating room. I turn to look vacantly at my wrists as clear fluids begin their rapid journey into my veins. My heart is in my throat, my pulse is echoing throughout the room, my limbs are quivering, my lungs are screaming. A nurse forces plastic tubes up my nose. Jets of cold air enter my sinuses, sending waves of relief through my body. Inkblots dance before my eyes, clouding my vision to darkness.

I wake up feeling like a brick is on my chest. My ribcage is bandaged like a mummy and a sickbay gown hangs loosely on my scrawny shoulders. I ...view middle of the document...

Turning to the window, the rigid door swings open and a dark shadowy figure greets me.

“Wait, stop! Someone call security!” I hear.

I raise my head, panicked, and turn to run, his words echoing through my head. My pulse is exploding into a pounding thump and my stomach churns on nothing but adrenaline.

On an impulse, I dive through the window into a bed of leaves and land hard on my right shoulder. Nerves in my body go into overdrive; shooting endless signals of pain throughout my body. Nevertheless, I jump off the ground and begin running, leaving shattered glass behind me. Taking deep, sharp breaths, I extend my body, pulling my knees up to my waist, turning the brisk jog to a full speed sprint at a breakneck pace.

Asphalt tears the soles of my feet. My bare feet take a beating as people around me gasp in horror leaping to my sides whilst I run past them. I raise my neck and see a playground jam-packed with kids. As I get closer, I feel my chest constricting, my throat closing, and my limbs becoming increasingly unsteady. I glance behind me and see a large man slowing down as well, breathing heavily into a small receiver on the inside of his navy suit. My sprint becomes a feeble jog and eventually, a meandering toddle.

Weakly, I drag my feet to the rusty swings as parents snatch their children in horror, running away. On the side of my head, I feel a warm red liquid trickling down my face, as it travels into my mouth, filling it with a strong metallic taste. I stand longer and longer on my feet, as people begin to scatter like ants. My weedy legs buckle and my body crashes into the rigid concrete, with my knees bearing the weight of the fall.

I glance back behind me, only to see an elderly man looking at me with lines of concern. My eyes meet his, and a mad grin begins to grow on my face. I lunge at him pulling out my knife in a swift, fluid motion and plunge it deep into his heart. My body shivers in ecstasy. His eyes widen in shock. Too...

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