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I'm Not Scared Essay

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I'm Not Scared written by Niccolo Ammaniti. In this book Michele Amitrano, the main character who shares his experience about the summer of 1978, lives in the tiny five-house community of Aqua Traverse located in rural Italy. While the adults shelter indoors, six children risk out on their bikes across the scorched, deserted countryside. Nine-year-old Michele Amitrano discovers a secret so momentous, so terrible that it compels him to cross forbidden territory. As he enters into the corrupt world of adults, he feels vulnerable and slowly begins to lose his childhood innocence facing challenges and being forced to make adult decisions in order to do the right thing. "To come to terms with what he finds, he will have to draw strength from his own imagination and sense of humanity"The starting point of Michele's loss of childhood innocence can be marked by his first intervention with the boy when he explores the abandoned farmhouse. He discovers a hole in the backyard which the boy is in. "I was tempted to run away, run to the others, but I couldn't. I had to have another look first" At this point Michele does not know if the boy is dead or alive and he could have ran to his friends feeling frightened, thinking about his safety but instead his conscience and sense of curiosity induce him to take another look. He decides to keep this a secret to himself, "I wasn't going to say anything to anyone. 'Finders keepers,' Skull had decided. If that was so, the boy at the bottom of the hole was mine" Skull is one of Michele's friends to whom he decides not to reveal the appalling discovery because he does not want Skull or any of his friends to claim it. This exposes a bit of Michele's selfishness, as he is not thinking about the seriousness of the matter, instead, he is thinking about getting the credit for the discovery. This is when Michele first enters adulthood - the forbidden territory- losing a bit of his innocence due to the decision he makes.A second point in the novel which is significant to Michele's loss of innocence is his first visit after discovering the boy. His sense of curiosity and adventure propels...

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