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I'm Ready, Are You? Essay

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It has been many years since I have taken a writing class in a college setting. Before English 43, I would’ve described my writing skills as novice, but I feel that this class has given me the tools to successfully advance and excel in English 49. Given the fact that I have gained the tools, experience, and confidence in my writing through English 43, I am without a doubt primed for the English 49 curriculum.
The tools I have accumulated in English 43 have set me up for success in future English classes. My strongest growth is prevalent in my ability to formulate a strong thesis statement. As displayed in the following thesis statement, I wrote, “Do not let your past memories fool you! ...view middle of the document...

One of the many essay formats we learned to write was a process essay. Previous to this class, the only process writing experience I had was done in a bullet format. Post English 43, I am able to take the bullet ideas and turn then into complete sentence. This allows me to go further into depth about each process, giving the reader a better understanding of the procedure. My experience in process writing is validated by my professor’s comment on my process essay I wrote. Professor Forbes wrote, “VERY well done. I am impressed! You really nailed the structure and the process is complete.” That specific essay was later chosen to share with the class to help better illustrate the proper structure of a process essay. A second style of essay writing I am not experienced in is argumentative. Throughout the semester we have been assigned two separate argumentative essays. I am personally most pleased with my department exam. On the department exam, I received a 95% score due to my ability to write a strong thesis statement and topic sentence. This is important because although each essay targets a different idea, the experience of writing helps bring all skills together. Whether you are writing a process essay or argumentative essay, you find yourself utilizing the basic building blocks of writing through the many different tasks assigned.
My confidence has grown exponentially since the beginning of...

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