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1. Growing up we all heard stories. Different types of stories, some so realistic, we cling onto them farther into our lives. Stories let us see and even feel the world in different prespectives, and this is becuase of the writter or story teller. We learn, survive and entertain our selves using past experiences, which are in present shared as stories. This is why Roger Rosenblatt said, "We are a narrative species."
2. The three incidents of people writing stories in terrible situations that Roger Rosenblatt shared are; JAL airliner going down in 1985, the last occupants of Warsaw Gettho, and Jean- Dominique Bauby finishing his autobiography after his stroke. One story I recieved from a terrible situation is my cousin's sucide note. Other situations that I could think of are if somone was lost in the wild, stuck on an unknow island, after discovering a government conspiracy they find them selves locked in a completely isolated prison, ancient egyptian time a king ordered his servant to be burried with them.
3. Roger Rosenblatt believes writing is freedom. Writing a sentence and never knowing what it will lead to, the reader reading each sentecne not knowing what will come next. It is an adventure for both the writer and reader. He also thinks we write to find god in every sentence but god always lives in the next snetence. This might mean that there is a smililarity between trying to find god in life and writing the next unknow sentence. This is because we might be looking for God now but God lives in few seconds into the future. The moment you stop living, searching, writing, the chance of finding God is lost. If living and freedom aren't the same thing, then I don't know what living is.
4. Growing up as parents, gaurdiants and strangers shared more stories with us, we gained knowledge and experiences from them. And sometimes we are inspired by their stories. We find something we can look up to and try reach, a goal. Some might find their inspiration through living and gain own experiences, but most of our goals came from listening to someone, seeing someone else's past and present. Once the goal was found, the path to reaching this goal is also filled with stories. One creats new stories...

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