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“I am sorry kids, but I don't think that it’s going to work out. Your mother and I have decided to get a divorce. It is nothing really, but we just do not love each other anymore.” Have you ever heard that before, and all you really wanted was to make a decision for yourself? Like where you will live for the rest of your childhood, or when you go where? Why is it that when the children are the most important part; everyone lacks to consider their feelings and ideas? High school aged teenagers should be able to decide where they want to live, for at the age of fifteen they are able to drive and work a job, also they are the only people who know how they truly feel inside, and the parents often have so many feelings involved in the situation that it is hard to make a decision based on the good of the children.
At the age of fifteen teenagers grow into the responsibility that society allows of them. On their birthday most teenagers go out and get their learners permit; which means they are legally allowed to drive. Also, at the age of fifteen, they are legally allowed to work once they get their workers permit. So, at this age our society is basically saying that we can support ourselves with transportation and money, but we cannot decide where we will live and what our earnings provide for. As teenagers they have the responsibility to drive on the roads and risk getting in an accident, but yet they do not have enough responsibility to decide their own way of living.
No one person goes through a divorce and feels the exact same way as another person. Some people are depressed because they know their life will never be the same. Others are outraged and angry at their parents for hurting them and flipping their lives upside down. Then there is the smaller group of people who are happy and excited to know that their home lives will be healthier apart than they would be together when their parents are constantly fighting. Everyone experiences different feelings and reactions to the situation, so we are the only ones who truly know what this feels like for ourselves. We are the only people who can really know what custody conditions would work best for us and make us happy. You alone are the only person who knows what is best for yourself, and you are the only person who should be able to decide your life and future under good...

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