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I Never Promised You A Rose

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I Never Promised You a Rose GardenNovember 15, 2013I read the novel I Never Promised You A Rose Garden by Joanne Greenberg, I chose this book because the title seemed interesting. Also, the cover of the book made me think more of what the book would be about and so I checked it out and began reading the first chapter. At first it wasn't as interesting, but as I began reading one of the middle chapters and noticed the activities that occur, I started reading the book over again knowing that it would come to the good parts soon. This book was also an attention grabber by the page numbers it had.This book took place in Chicago during the early 1900's. The plot of this book is to show the difficulties and challenges that handicapped people go through and how they handle this problem with others of the same problem and of others without any problems.Throughout the story, Deborah Blau had schizophrenia and she was taken into a mental hospital with her parent's will. She goes through some difficult times in her own world of Yr in which she tries to escape from with the help of Dr. Fried. However, knowing that she had a tumor in the urethra made Deborah uneasy about herself and her body around anyone and everyone. When she first enters the mental hospital unwillingly, she excludes herself from everyone and refuses to communicate with the outside world. Later on, however, Deborah began meeting friends on her level in the hospital and realized that life is not so bad. Yet her own little world of Yr always creeps up on her without knowing and takes over her mind. Her only fear of life was that secret world that haunts her whenever it wants. As Dr. Fried tries to help Deborah out, she is taken, somewhat, into this secret world and understands where her patient was coming from. Sooner or later, Deborah's own world made her do things that were extremely dangerous. Cigarettes were aloud on the D ward, yet the nurses had to light them for you with matches. Deborah got a hold of the matches and a cigarette. The lord of Yr was able to make Debby do things that she wasn't aware of doing. She began burning her arms without any pain. The D ward was the crazy ward where the patients are taken if they commit something quite extensive. The conflict was occurring day after day without the awareness of the doctors around her. It arouses without the awareness of anyone and it is very difficult to help Deborah out with her problem.This entire conflict is resolved when Deborah faces her fear of the secret world and tries to escape the challenges that she faces so often. It didn't take the talks with the doctor to stop this conflict, or surgery, or mechanical strategies. What it took was for Deborah to believe in herself and stand up for what she wanted. She had always given in to the lord of Yr thinking that if she didn't listen to him, then she will be punished. Finally, Deborah realized that this world would only go away if she refuses to respond to the questions that He...

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