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I/O Psychology Essay

1115 words - 5 pages

1. Founders of the American I/O field: Hugo Munsterberg & Walter Dill Scott
2. Scientific Management theory was proposed by: Frederick Winslow Taylor
3. “Does level of pay affect how much people like their jobs?” can be a Specific question, the ones do not specify a relevant factor are called as General question.
4. Variables: An attribute or characteristic of people or things that can vary, such as people’s abilities, attitudes, behavior, and job performance.
5. Independent variables: Manipulated by the researcher
6. Dependent variables: Assessed in response to the independent variables
7. Reliability: the consistency of measurement across repeated observations of a variable for ...view middle of the document...

leaderless group exercise: several assesses are given a problem to solve together, The problem might be a competitive one or a cooperative one
22. role-play exercise :the assesse pretend to be a particular person in a specific organizational role
23. Counterproductive Work Behavior: Withdrawal, including Absence, Lateness, Turnover, and Aggression, Sabotage, Theft
24. Counterproductive work behavior are Behaviors that harm the organization and other people at work, such as coworkers, supervisors, and customers
25. the ways to enhance motivation: Structure of jobs, Incentive systems, The design of technology
26. Locus of Control: People’s beliefs about their ability to control reinforcements in their environment
Internals VS externals
27. Organizational Constraints are aspects of the work environment that interfere with or prevent good task performance, including job-related information, tools and equipment, materials and supplies, budgetary report, required services and help from others, task preparation, time availability and working environment.
28. organized labor contains many acts of violence on both sides, Attack and Strike
29. Labor unrest and strikes can occur for many reasons, such as Anger and perceptions of unfair treatment.
30. Occupational health psychology: Concerned with psychological factors that contribute to occupational health and well-being. Deals with psychological reactions to physical and nonphysical work conditions, as well as behavior that has implications for health.
31. Accidents are events that occur at work that cause immediate injury
32. Repetitive actions can result in repetitive strain injuries
33. job stressor is a condition or situation at work that requires an adaptive response on the part of the employee
34. job strain is a negative reaction by an employee to a stressor
35. Burnout: a distressed psychological state that an employee might experience after being on the job for a period of time.
1. Experiments, Advantage: draw causal conclusions; Disadvantage: laboratory experiment cannot be certain that the results will generalize to the field
2. Survey design, Advantages: a quick and relatively inexpensive way. Generalizability is not as big a problem. Disadvantages: employees are not always good sources of information Difficult to draw causal conclusions.
3. KSAO: Knowledge Skill Ability other personal characteristics
4. How Job Analysis Information Is Collected? Job analysts Supervisors Job incumbents trained observers
6. Why Do We Appraise Employees: Administrative Decisions, Employee Development and Feedback and Research
7. Five common objective measures for performance...

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