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MAL13029 DATE: 25.05.2013NAME: BENJAMIN MING FRANCISSTUDENT ID: MAL13029PROGRAM: PGSM - IEMBASUBJECT: MKT600 MARKETINGSUBJECT: ASSIGNMENT 1LECTURER NAME: MR BRIAN TANDATE: 25.05.2013WORD COUNT: Aprox. 2424 wordsTABLE OF CONTENTSPAGE1.0 INTRODUCTION 32.0 PART ONE 4 - 103.0 PART TWO 11 - 134.0 CONCLUSION 14REFERENCES AND BIBLIOGRAPHY 15, 16INTRODUCTIONSelect a product or service which you are familiar with to be brought in to a particular country or region.The chosen product here shall be the famous iPhone smartphone by Apple Inc., regardless of its generations, that has been officially brought into Malaysia initially by Maxis in 2009 (Maxis, 2013). Apple has been a world famous technological leader when it comes to the introduction of all those game changing gadgets in the area of computer, portable music players, tablets and smartphones running under Apple's own iOs operating system (United States Securities and Exchange Commission, 2011). Maxis, on the other hand, has been one of Malaysia's leading telecommunications service provider that has been bridging its separated customers closer through of its messaging, voice calls and cellular data technologies (Maxis, 2013).2.0 PART ONE2.1 Describe and analyse the product and its potential by using micro and macro environmental analysis of the company.Environmental AnalysisMicroFor the micro analysis, the SWOT analysis shall be employed.StrengthsOne of iPhone's strengths lies at its ability to create a seamless ecosystem with other Apple products such as the iPad and Mac computers through the iCloud technology by enabling seamless shared contents to be available to all the different Apple devices that a user can own (Parker, 2011). This has managed to give the iPhone an edge over other the smartphones in the Malaysian market as it gives those users who own multiple devices such as a smartphone, a tablet and a computer the kind of seamless automatic shared content conveniences that other smartphones would not be able to give.WeaknessesOne of the iPhone's greatest weaknesses compared to its competitors such as Samsung would be the long waiting periods for newer generations of iPhones to be launched. Every few months, we will see Samsung launching new smartphone models that comes in various sizes, capabilities, specific functions and components. However, the iPhone is still Apple's single smartphone model that gets upgraded to new generations in very long time, up to one year of waiting period compared to Samsung. During those long waiting periods, those Apple customers who are very technological oriented might have switched to the iPhone substitutable smartphones.OpportunitiesThe iPhone has vast opportunities in that it can be diversified into multiple smartphone portfolios such as the different sizes and specific functionality niches according to different market segments. For example, perhaps the next iPhone generation can come in two different sizes and pricing to better satisfy the different market...

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907 words - 4 pages expenses for another phone and also reduces electronic waste. As you can see this is another innovation of the cellular phone that progresses on the right track. I believe I have truly persuaded you. I have nothing more to conclude, thank you and that is all Works Cited Online sites ● Duffy, T. (2013). Programming with mobile applications: Android(tm), ios, and windows phone 7. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ● Goodman, B. (2003

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