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Foreign Service career is a diverse corps of working professionals who represents America’s interest and responding to the needs of American citizen in other counties around the world. As I researched the process of becoming a Foreign Service officer I learned there are five major career tracks: Consular, Economics, and Management, political and public diplomacy. They work in embassies, consulates and other diplomatic missions .They can be sent anywhere in the world, any time to serve their countries diplomatic needs.
Although there is no educational requirement for entering the Foreign Service field a majority of the workers have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Helpful college or graduate ...view middle of the document...

After their orientation course, new officers go off to whatever specialized training they need before heading out to their first assignment. They should expect to spend three months to a year in training. Many assignments will require a return for FSI for language training, tradecraft training for a particular career track, or area studies. The opportunities are endless. Time spent working, studying or travelling, particularly abroad can help you develop the skills that you need in diplomatic services and thus increase your chance of success.
FSO employees develop and manage their own career path; they will find at least one or two regional and/or functional “home bureaus” to which they will return for more than one posting. For example Arabic speakers will most-likely be assigned to Arabic-speaking posts a number of times, and become known to and at home in, the bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. So there are regional bureaus are based on geographic areas, while functional bureaus are tied to issues such as human right and environment. Although there are requirements to meet along the way, there is a freedom to tailor your Foreign Service career to your interest and needs. You have the option to spend your career outside Washington or to spend more time in Washington. State specialist does not have as much flexibility as generalists to do many different types of jobs. They join the Foreign Service with more particular skills and are expected to pursue their chosen career track for most of their assignment (Dorman).
There are many different roles for diplomats and your work can vary greatly. You can be an economic officer, management officer, political officer, public diplomacy officer, or a consular officer. An economic officer works with foreign governments to protect internet freedom, fund scientific advancements, protect the environment, and negotiate new trade laws (citation). Another role is the management officer; they control everything from the real estate, budget, employees and everything in between for embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions. Political officers are another role of a diplomat; they keep ambassadors up to date on current events and politics happening in the country. There are also public diplomacy officers who build mutual understandings and support for U.S policies through social media and websites. Public Diplomacy officers mainly work on creating websites and guides for non-Americans to learn and build an understanding of how life is in America and how Americans spent their time. A different role would be the one of a consular officer; their primary job would assist and American citizens abroad. They would help you in a situation when you lose your passport abroad, get in trouble with the law overseas, or even want to marry a foreigner overseas. You would also need to contact this person if you are a non-citizen and wish to...

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