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Growing up being a diplomat has always been a career I wanted to pursue. When I was in elementary school my best friend’s father was diplomat for the State Department. He would constantly tell me stories of his travels from living in South Africa, Germany, and Thailand. I already loved traveling and I was so in love with this job because the career would be receiving a check for something I already love to do. However it is not only about the traveling this job has many benefits including being able to resolve world issues and help un-developed countries with their issues.
Being a diplomat for the U.S government requires many requirements. There are not many educational requirements a ...view middle of the document...

The qualification to becoming a Saudi Arabian isn’t as selective as the United States but I need to improve my Arabic writing skills. My reading and speaking skills are advanced enough to communicate with my co-workers but my writing has many spelling issues and it would be difficult to acquire a higher position without improving that skill. Since I attended an American school for most of my life my English writing, reading, and speaking skills are very advanced compared to other Saudi Arabians and I would be qualified to be sent to missions in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and many other English speaking countries because of the edge I have against my other co-worker. This is an issue that is unique to myself because the majority of other Foreign Officers of Saudi Arabia would be more advanced in Arabic compared to their secondary language not the vice versa.
Another issue I would have to face is one that my cousin faces daily in his office. Co-workers in his office are either very intimidated or extremely jealous of how he acquired his job. Awhile most people stay away from him and don’t require him to do much work because they are aware of his relationship with the Prince others talk a lot behind his back and even hate him because they think he didn’t work as hard as they did to get to where they are today. Personally I am sided with the other co-workers and believe that he didn’t do half as much as the others to get to where they are today which is I want to complete my degree and then work to a higher position. Individuals tend to better when they are working in a friendly and interactive work environment.
Research Question
What role would you play in working as diplomat in either the United States or Saudi Arabia and which environment would you feel more comfortable or produce the best work in?
What I Wanted To Learn About Diplomacy
As I begin to conduct my research and find more about my dream career I have many questions that I need answered and a couple things I need clarification on. Such as what type of education I need to complete to pursue this job. The basic job description such as what work I will mainly do is another question I had. The work also varies since there is no common issue every diplomat deals with, because of this I want to find out how each diplomat feels about this obstacle. Another concern was how my current assets and skills would benefit me in my job. Since I am fluent in Arabic and have a couple of family members who are already in this industry I want to know what else I should do to better prepare me to take on this career and do the best work I can.
Facts about Diplomacy
Although living in many different parts of the world is very appealing the pay for a diplomat job starts from $39, 691-$54,794 depending on the education you received (Career). Although there are no minimal education requirements for entering the Foreign Service a majority of the workers have a Bachelor’s...

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