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I Surrender All Essay

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After reading the song “I Surrender All” means to give everything to Jesus. There will come a time in one’s life to submit your will to Jesus daily. After trying to fix the situation or make necessary changes in life, we can’t live without Jesus. Jesus is the key to true happiness. As we surrender ourselves to him, we are giving Jesus permission to make changes and alteration to our lives. The song is filled with poetic language. The author was able to reveal his love to Jesus in a graceful expression. The language chosen was symbolic. The author is letting go of everything to worship and spend time with Jesus. The author is requesting Jesus to do something in his life. He asked Jesus to take me now and to make me wholly.

The first line of each paragraph starts out with all to Jesus, I surrender. The author is relinquishing control of everything. He realized he is unable to go on with Jesus. He decided to make a commitment to give up control of his life every day. He doesn’t mind passing his concerns to Jesus. He openly without restrictions gives all his innermost to Jesus. My love is an everlasting irresistible bond. My faith and confidence is in Jesus only. He will love and trust Jesus forever. His desire is to be in the company of Jesus every day. The author decided to repeat himself again to ensure he was heard. “I surrender all” meaning, yes everything I have I will give it for Jesus. Now the author is talking to Jesus. He said “all to thee, my blessed savior, I surrender all.” The author is humble and excited to be in the presence of Jesus.

The author has captured Jesus attention by bowing down before in humble...

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