I Swear, " I Am Not Crazy!"

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I swear, “I am not crazy!”

Why does a person who has admitted experiencing demeaning auditory
hallucinations for an extended period of time deny thoughts of wanting to harm self or
others? The person I am posing this question of is one Aaron Alexis. Mr. Alexis is the
positively identified shooter in what some media sources have labeled, ‘massacre,’ at a
Navy Shipyard in Washington, D.C. My theory is that Mr. Alexis denied thinking of
harming himself and/or others due to the stigmatization of, people with mental illness via
mass media. Stigmatization of people with mental illness is so wide spread in America
that, “38 percent (of Americans) are unwilling to be friends with someone having mental
health difficulties, 64 percent do not want someone with schizophrenia as a close
coworker, and more than 68 percent are unwilling to have someone with depression
marry into their family (web).”
Mr. Alexis disclosed to police one month prior to the shooting that he had been,
“hearing voices speaking to him through the ceiling of his hotel room, seeking to
penetrate his body with vibrations from a microwave machine to prevent him from
sleeping (USA).” Two weeks later Mr. Alexis went two separate Veteran’s
Administration Hospitals (V.A.) Emergency Room Departments with the course of a
week seeking help for what one article reported, “insomnia (Washington Post)”, and
from what another article reported as, “paranoia, and hearing voices (USA).” At this
time it is unclear exactly what symptoms Mr. Alexis had indicated he was experiencing
at the time either of these V.A. visits, and because this incident happened on a military
instillation one cannot be certain of the transparency of any further reports that might
clarify exactly what symptoms Mr. Alexis himself had reported at either of those V.A.
Hospital visits.
Either way my curiosity about this case was catapulted when reading the
following. “In both cases, doctors sent Alexis home with the medication, identified by
law enforcement officials as Trazadone, a generic antidepressant that is widely
prescribed for insomnia. The V.A. doctors told him to follow up with a primary-care
doctor. It is unclear whether he did. “Mr. Alexis was alert and oriented and was asked
by V.A. doctors if he was struggling with anxiety and/ or depression, or had thoughts
about harming himself or others, which he denied.
Firstly most of us realize that insomnia is a direct result of anxiety or depression
however mild or severe. Unless of course one has over indulged in caffeine or other
stimulants which is easy enough to rule out through toxicology testing. This being said
it appears appropriate that the V.A. doctor’s dismissed Mr. Alexis claim and prescribed
him an antidepressant anyway. However, what one would assume that the V.A. more
than likely uses an electronic health record of its clients, and any previous visits to any
V.A. doctor, or hospital would be indicated therein. ...

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