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I.T. Report

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Gigwiz IT Manager Tom Robertson Group A DigicomGigwiz I.T. Security ReportIntroductionThis report is being written in response to concerns expressed by some of our customers, over the safety of their personal data. Through this report I shall briefly explain the various security procedures we have in place to keep our data safe.PasswordsPasswords: as far as passwords are concerned these should be memorable but not easily guessed,(passwords like your favourite football team, children's names are easily guessed with a little knowledge), ideally password should be made up of a mix of letters, numbers and characters in upper and lower case. We have brief detailed instructions on the contacts page of the website (also embedded in the form, which only allows entry of data in a set format.) Within the company itself we use a hierarchy of passwords i.e. personal password for our individual workstations and different passwords for internal departments e.g. HR, I.T.If someone forgets their personal password they should inform the I.T. department and we will supply a temporary password in order for you to reset it. As a company we run the policy of changing internal passwords every 3 months.Personal InformationIn 1998 the Data Protection Act was passed by parliament to control the way information was stored and utilised by companies, and to give legal rights to the people the information was about. Other European countries have also passed similar laws as information is often stored in more than one country.The company must register with the information Commissioner. The Data Controller (person in charge of the data), must provide certain information to the commissioner i.e.Each entry in the register contains:1. The data controller's name and address.2. A description of the information to be stored.3. What they are going to use the information for.4. Whether the data controller plans to pass on the information to other people or organisations.5. Whether the data controller will transfer the information outside the UK.6. Details of how the data controller will keep the information safe and secureThe data controller must also adhere to the eight principles of data protection which are:For the personal data that controllers store and process:1. It must be collected and used fairly and inside the law.2. It must only be held and used for the reasons given to the Information Commissioner.3. It can only be used for those registered purposes and only be disclosed to those people mentioned in the register entry. You cannot give it away or sell it unless you said you would to begin with.4. The information held must be adequate, relevant and not excessive when compared with the purpose stated in the register. So you must have enough detail but not too much for the job that you are doing with the data.5. It must be accurate and be kept up to date. There is a duty to keep it up to date, for example to change an address when people move.6. It must not be kept longer than...

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