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I.Native Americans in North AmericaA.) Costal Indians*Didn't believe in owning property.*Had a well organized society, with little crime.*Women were highly regarded (at times even leaders).*They were widely diverse, with on common language united them.*Had a nomadic lifestyle, traveling and moving with the herds.*Able to adept to changing environments."±In Europe society, women are property and not in high regard."±Differences in society will cause clashes among the two (Property, society, political system)."±Estimated 90 to 100 million Native Americans resided within the Americas, exceeds the European population."±Span of 20 years reduced by 90% when it came in contact with European society."±More skeletoral remains than living Native Americans today.1.)Karankawas-Lived on the Southern Coast of Texas also the Coahuiltecan.*Were directly related with Mexican Indians, also nomadic and migrated.B.) Northeast Texas Indians2.) Caddo- Settlements expanded from the Trinity River, to north of the Red River and East of the Mississippi river.*Best known for dome shaped homes.*Also engaged in trade (came in contact with Mexico thru this).*Had a highly developed society (chiefs, religious leaders, political leaders, ruler).C.) Plains Indians1.) Apaches2.) Comanches3.) Kiowas4.) Tonkawas* Would become expert horsemen.*Depended on buffalo for food tools, housing, etc.*When buffalo go scarce, their society is devastated."±All except the Caddo didn't have a sophisticated society."±European settlements survive due to Native American help.II. SpaniardsA.)Muslim Era*700 years Spain will be controlled by the Muslims, influencing music, education, religion.*Spanish words come from many Muslim words.1.)Moors-711 A.D. Spain is conquered by Muslims from North Africa.*Under Muslim rule were very tolerate with different religions, existing in Spain Society.*According to Muslims, as long as you paid a poll Tax you can practice any religion you wanted.*Education forged tremendously with Muslim society, University's were built under Muslim rule.2.)Quinto (1/5) - As long as paid (by...

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