I The Magician                  When Looking At This Assignment I

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I The Magician When looking at this assignment I immediately predicted I would fit best in one of the middle archetypes. After reviewing all the categories I realized my predicament was incorrect. In fact I didn't relate to any of the categories in the middle archetype. To my surprise I best related to the magician. Although I didn't agree with every category under magician it was still the best fit to me. Religion to me is a very important aspect of life. It is there to guide, support, and mentally challenge you through the journey of life. It is also an extreme comfort to know there is someone watching you and ready to catch you with open arms when you fall. Every minute of everyday you are serving the Lord and if you truly believe that your life will take you through so many joyous moments, events, and experiences. These days too many people do not do things because of the cops, their parents, punishments, and fines but I feel you should look at every choice and think, "What is morally right?" I do not feel you need to attend church every Sunday or read the bible every night before bed because I feel those are examples of "exercises." You do not need to be closing your eyes and preaching the gospel to have a steady faith and understand of your role in life. That's like saying you need to do push-ups and sit-ups every night before you go to bed in order to be in shape, when in reality you can just play a sport or run around and have fun and still be in good condition. As long as you have a caring heart, enjoy every day of your life, and do good deeds you are set to go. You do not even have to believe in God to do those things. I am very excepting of those who do not choose to believe God or do choose to believe in some other higher being. I may not understand or agree with their beliefs but I most certainly do not say they are wrong. With religion, freedom of choice and respect for others go hand in hand. Having the company of other people is beneficial in many ways. Through people you discover peer relationships and peer relationships are something I am in love with. When you seek out the right people that friendship may be eternal. Peer relationships may consist of your best friends or just the people you smile to and say hello to in the hallways of school. Hopefully everyone is fortunate enough to...

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583 words - 2 pages anything. "When I heard the learn'd astronomer" efficiently demonstrates the point of view between book knowledge and personal experience. Throughout this one-sentenced poem, the speaker introduces his thoughts on book-based learning verses experiential learning. Through articulated imagery, the need and want of personal experience is identified. Nevertheless, without first experiencing book-based learning, the speaker would not have fully experienced personal exploration in as much aspired awe. To understand the grand scale of how one works, a person must go through every process, endure everything to achieve such an intimacy as the speaker endured in the end.

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780 words - 3 pages whether or not she should be afraid of death. She uses personification as a literary tool in her poem in order to attribute human like characteristics to something that is not. In the first paragraph she describes death as kind and genial while also uses the term “carriage” when hearse would be more appropriate. These two aspects of the opening paragraph undoubtedly clarify her attitude towards this sensation. Even though we acknowledge through her

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1603 words - 6 pages only a kid, maybe ten, when I started fishing by the edge of the river. It wasn't easy finding the perfect location; this was a place where I would want to be alone, a place to get away from the unhappiness that would spread like fire through my home on occasion.This time away was possibly the most important thing to me then. When I turned eleven years old, one of my favorite gifts was a large book. When the moment was right, I ran upstairs to my

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538 words - 2 pages The age of anxiety was the period between the first world war and the second world war. This was a time when people were uneasy and looking for some kind of identity for themselves. Additionally, the loss of human faith and reason led to a new interest in religion. People wanted to know exactly why was the first world war fought? After the first world war, modern philosophy looked farther into that question by stating that, all humans were bad

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1167 words - 5 pages away.”(594). Clearly Sister has a predisposition toward Stella-Rondo returning for many reasons, and this is the beginning of the conflict that she begins to have with herself. Stella-Rondo returns to the house with a child during the middle of dinner, and Sister is feeling greatly offended by this and shows us her arrogance and dismay that she’s losing the center of attention when she says “There I was over the hot stove, trying to stretch

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792 words - 3 pages China Grove In Eudora Welty's story, ?Why do I Live At The P.O.", the main character directs the focus of the reader through her own point of view. The story is set in a small Mississippi town, sometime after World War II. The time and the place have a significant effect upon the language used. This helps to create an overall mood that is dominated by Southern prejudices, interpersonal ignorance and simplicity; for example, Sister says ?Nigger

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606 words - 2 pages Emily Dickinson AnalysisAmerican Poetry is famous throughout the world and one of the most famous and well known American poets is Emily Dickinson. Dickinson deals with many themes and tones in her poetry however; one of the most dealt with themes is death. In "Because I Could Not Stop For Death" and "I Heard a Fly Buzz - When I Died" Emily Dickinson shows that death is not always as bad as it is portrayed and at times it can actually be a

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815 words - 3 pages ).         Another interesting nanomaterial is the self-assembling DNA motor. This structure assembles itself from a vial of proteins, sugars, and DNA/RNA fragments. Its is a nanoscopic two-fingered 'claw' or 'tweezers' with a motorlike structure in the center. It opens and closes when exposed to certain strands of DNA 'fuel' which both instruct the motor to close and supply the energy to do so. It currently takes 13 seconds for the claw to go from open to

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