I Used To Live Here Once

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In the ahort story, “I used to live here once" by Jean Rhys portrays the story of a woman who is still in the process of accepting her death and that she is already in the afterlife. The conflict in the short story is also very intriguing because this is more of an internal conflict that the female character has to deal with.
The conflict undeniably in the short story is all about the internal conflict between the female character and herself. Obviously the female character is already a spirit and she is having a hard time accepting that she is already dead. She visits the place that she used to call home but she notices that there have already been many changes that have happened there ...view middle of the document...

The simple fact that she tried to fit in to the place where she used to live and also the fact that she tried to talk to the children in the mango tree simply emphasizes her desire to become a human being once again. She is really confused about her current situation and she seeks clarification by interacting with her environment. When she notices all the unusual things in her environment and the mere fact that she was not being responded to by the children simply made her realize that she is already dead and her spirit is merely travelling in the physical world. This is certainly a very painful reality that has to be accepted by the female character but in the end she really has no choice as she cannot do anything anymore about it. It is really time for her to go to another world and leave the physical world.
The rejection that the female character experienced from the children under the mango tree practically confirmed her status as a mere spirit and this triggered her internal conflict. However, on the part of the children this also became a source of an internal conflict. This is because they are really confused about what triggered the sudden cold feeling that they experienced that made them go back to the house. They are not able to see this female spirit so this really caused them to be afraid. The children have not experienced anything like that before so it was natural for them to be afraid. They were so afraid that they decided to just go back to the house and hide there.
For the children the fear was something new and they did not know how to respond. They did not know if they should just stay under the mango tree or they should go back to their house to be safe. It was clear that the children was having an internal conflict as they could not see what was causing that cold and unusual...

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