I Used To Live Here Once By Jean Rhys

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Throughout the years there have been many poets and writers who all have different thoughts and ideas on things that they write. In some way or another all stories are alike. How they are interpreted and read are important factors in reading. When reading a poem or a story there is always a deeper meaning involved in them. The authors of the literature try to capture the readers by utilizing characterization, rhythm and realistic experiences. Our imagination is what will help us visualize what the author intended us to perceive.
In this essay I will provide the difference between two stories and I will also show the similarities in them. The two that I have chosen are “Dog’s Death” by John Updike, which is a poem and “I Used to Live Here Once” by Jean Rhys, which is a short story. John Updike has been writing since he was very young. Shortly after he graduated from Harvard he sold his first story (Samuels, 1969). Updike is a detailed realist, filling his stories with facts that guarantee belief (Samuels, 1969). Jean Rhys used her life, in all its painful rawness, as the material from which she formed her fiction (Carr, 2012). Both writers put their personal lives into their writing.
The main reason for selecting these works is that, both these literary works are focused on the same theme and idea. They both have a deeper meaning underneath of the words and are condensed but still tell so much in the story. By the way they are described it attracts our attention toward the understanding of content, form and style of the two. Comparing these two literary works I will emphasize on what is similar in them. In contrasting I will emphasize on the differences. You may think when first start reading them that they are based on the same content but there are many different elements that make these different.
There are many elements that are a part of a story. Most written work has a theme, plot, and point of view. The theme is something that is very important in a story. It tries to tell us what the story is about. The plot is something that is most often about a conflict or struggle that the characters go through. The point of view is the main focus of the story.
In the poem Dog’s death the theme is clear on what it speaks about. It is based on the life and death of a family dog. Throughout the poem we learn that love and death are the themes that are being used in this poem. John starts from the beginning by explaining what happen to the dog and how she sustained her injuries. “She must have been kicked unseen or brushed by a car” (Clugston, 2010). He takes us through her life growing up from a puppy to her demise. The author uses diction and tone to make us emotionally attach to what he is writing about. Diction is when the author uses words in written and oral expressions (Clugston, 2010). “to bite my hand and died” imagining this in our head we see a dog biting his owners hand. The author uses this so we can attach to what we are reading. The...

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