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I’ve Been To The Mountaintop Essay

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Can you imagine being in Martin Luther King Junior’s position in a hall or church somewhere speaking to people with the hope of challenging and inspiring them? I’ve Been to the Mountaintop is a speech made by Martin Luther King’s Junior or 3rd April 1968. It is a speech that presented a long term mission for the City of Memphis. It was a time when African Americans struggled with racial prejudices. There were inequalities whereby the African-Americans were forced to live separately from the whites. Martin Luther King believed that if they join hands together, African-Americans will be able to fight against the unfair inequalities. King wanted to inspire the people that they can achieve ...view middle of the document...

He urges the people that nothing should stop them in their fight for freedom.
As well as choosing his words well, Martin Luther King incorporates figurative language in his speech. Martin used repetition to emphasize what he was communicating to his audience. He includes phrases like “If I had sneezed…” to point out significant occasions and goals that he has in his mind for fighting for the civil rights of all African-Americans. Dr. King uses allusions in his speech. He describes past events in his speech by the use of anaphora and epistrophe. For example; when he talks about the fight to bring God’s children out of Egypt to the Promised Land. He uses the religious discourse to liken to his cause of bringing justice to the oppressed. He even asks for God’s guidance in his speech where he says, “If you allow me to live just a few years in the second half of the 20th century, I will be happy.” Martin uses the device of anaphora to emphasis “we” in his speech; meaning that all the African Americans are together in this fight. He insists to them to work towards this cause by saying, “we go up together, or we go down together.” He uses we all the time he addresses the people to show them by uniting together, they will make it in this fight. He was determined to fulfill his missions and uses hyperboles to emphasize on the present day in America. He says the “world is all messed up” and that “the nation is sick.” This was to emphasize that there was need for change in America. What’s more, he talks of the Parthenon whereby Plato and Aristotle assembled and highlights that, “I wouldn’t stop there. I would go on”. He insists that where the other people stopped, he will not stop there, he will keep pushing forward until his objectives are achieved. He referred to many great historical events whereby he believed that the people could have gone forward instead of stopping at some point because they and the potential. His objective in the speech is that he “wouldn’t stop” until he has achieved his mission which is total equality and the end of racial prejudices in America. Lastly, he uses metaphors such as, “I would take my mental flight by Egypt and I would watch...

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