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I Have Lived In The Ritzy Part Of The Madison

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I have lived in the ritzy part of the Madison area my entire life. We didn't cross the race line to often. I was always told to be civil and that everyone is different, but they still are nice people. Coming to college opened up a new world to me, a world where I confronted people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds on an everyday basis. I never thought that there would be an issue dealing with race within this community; I thought people wouldn't make a big deal about differences since it was a college town. It is not that I have never had any firsthand experience with discrimination though. When I got my roommate assignment and read the name Mbuyi Kadima, I then realized that I was going to be rooming with someone of a different race. I was so excited to learn more about someone else's culture, that I could not wait until the first time that I got to meet her.The infamous moving day came and we instantly clicked and became the best of friends. The night of move in we decided to go get something to eat with some friends that she had already met. They came to our room and I was surprised to see that they were all black. They treated me so normal; they gave me a hug and asked my name. I felt so comfortable when I was with them. We stood in the hall and talked for thirty minutes, talking about everything from where we were from, to school, whom we thought was cute. After all the talking was finished, we decided to go eat at the Perkins down the street. As we walked in I could get the sense that people were talking about us. I figured that they were talking about a good-looking guy or girl in our group. We sat down and got our menus and decided what we were going to eat. As I put the menu down on the table I realized that there were three tables staring at...

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