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I Have This Intense Idea For Farewell To Harmon, Man…

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I have this intense idea for Farewell to Harmon, man…

In real life, Mister Bennett calls the whole (eighth grade/school) to an assembly. He tells the assembly, very somber, about how the previous night someone broke in and stole the (international flags/electronic message board/other). “I can’t believe someone would do such a thing,” he says. “Whoever committed this monstrous act – and got away with it – is a criminal mastermind.” No one knows who committed this heinous crime, except for the three girls who silently look at each other in the back row…Anne Fox, Bri Krafcik, and Lorelei Hodson…
A caption reads “The Previous Night…”
The Funky Mission Impossible Theme starts and it is night. Three girls (one in camouflage, one in black, and one in scuba gear) and a duck jump over the fence onto the football/track field and crouch low to the ground. One – the “leader,” (Bri/Lorelei) – gestures for each of them to go a separate way, and for the duck to stay back and keep watch and meet up with them later. They all run across the football field and jump over the other fence and skid across the parking lot recklessly.
The music abruptly stops and the camera shows a janitor (probably played by a kid) sweeping near one of the side doors to the school. A knock at the door – it’s the three girls. The janitor, curious, opens the door and the leader grabs the broom and knocks the janitor to the ground. The other two drag the janitor outside and leave him there, closing the door.
The music starts where it left off and the group darts around like secret agents – behind pillars, in the bathrooms (one...

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