I Want To Enter The Field Of Social Work

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Life changes us. From day to day, we all experience things that transform our way of thinking, inspires our actions, and persuades our beliefs. A smile from a stranger can brighten a day, a hug from a mother can release fear, and a hot meal to a starving family can renew hope. Then, there are those experiences in life that can cause the heart to become weary, cold and broken. A child lost in a gang war, a father held bondage by drugs, or the silent cry of woman who was once the victim of molestation. Although, with each experience a different emotion is produced, the same stands true for all, their life was impacted and it brought about a change, rather positive or negative. Life can be viewed as a road, and experiences that come along with it can be represented by pit stops. Some pit stops are pleasant, others are unbearable, some are meant to be taken and others cause a detour away from the road. Yet regardless of the stop, at each stop something was taken and added along to accompany down the road of life. Many of the pit stops that I have gone through along the way, has definitely inspired my life.
Changing my career course had never come across my mind. Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to help people in the most life changing way I could think of. In my early adulthood, I decided that in order to release this extreme desire to change people’s lives, I would become a doctor. The profession itself took no precedence over me, only that it would allow me to have a major impact in the life of someone who is in need. For years I rehearsed on how I would be able to, speak to a grieving family to encourage their heart, inspire a young man to turn away from drugs, and give attention to a child that was in need of love. Recently, I learned that being a doctor was not the highest form of help that a human can give to another human. I realized that the inspirations that I have for taking care of the needs of others were not limited on only a career as a physician. When asked what my goals in life are, I only have the simplest but most meaningful answer, I want to help. In my heart no amount of money or prestige can comfort or take the desire that is embedded in me to help meet the needs of others.

After applying to medical school, I began the waiting process with enthusiasm. I was eager and filled with excitement to know that I was almost there to my dream. Yet during this waiting period, I had time to ponder on what it is that I really want to do in life, and how would I accomplish this goal. With the gift of compassion, patience, helpfulness, unwilling to settle for wrong, and eagerness to fight for others, I want to make sure that I am using them to their full capacity. I began to reflect on what encounters in life that I had faced that nourished these potentials that God had given me. I soon began to learn that each encounter that I had in life, not only was something taken from me, but I was on the receiving end as well.

As a child...

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