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I made the decision to write my second essay about the short story The Dead from the Dubliners collection by James Joyce. While reading the short store I found that I personally formed a connection with the idea of not choosing to linger over the past, but to choose a future. A longing for escape is only natural in the face of adversity, and is a common theme that I noticed from The Dead. We go throughout our daily lives in a pattern of habits and rituals. We know what makes us comfortable and what makes us uncomfortable, and a lot of the time, at least in my circumstance, what makes us uncomfortable often gets in the way of our future. Gabriel suggests in The Dead however that even though ...view middle of the document...

I see things, hear things, judge the opinions of others, and see the interactions of daily life. My ability to see the life around me yet separate myself from it is my awareness. What i see and hear allows for me to form my own opinions and judge for myself how i would like to act differently. My awareness allows for me to evaluate my consciousness. I can look at what is bothering me, what I don’t like about the present, and decide to act upon it. My life is the accumulation of my past experiences, but it is my awareness of these experiences and how they affect the lives of others that makes a difference in my future.
My awareness gives me the power of action. Seeing something wrong but choosing not to act upon it is a waste of my ability to choose. If I am unhappy with something in my own life, I cannot wait for someone else to fix it for me. It is my responsibility to own my future and make it into something I’m excited about. Likewise, seeing something wrong in the world around us, but becoming apathetic to it is worthless. I believe that I was given the ability of choice so that I can impact the world I’m living in. It is awareness that creates in humanity the hope for what we might be able to do when we stop looking for someone else to save us, and instead concentrate on saving ourselves.
Life is about moments of great impact, and how they potentially change our awareness forever. Likewise, our futures aren’t just about moving forward, but about all of the things that we potentially are leaving behind. Awareness creates for us an opportunity to take action, be it the action to change something within ourselves or to change something in the lives of other people. Simply- Humanity is only the sum of it’s parts. My awareness, and my choices, make me into an individual capable of impacting the whole.
Living life without new experiences is not truly living. In The Dead The Morkan’s party is the same every year. Gabriel makes a speech, the dances are danced the same way, the music is the same, the food arrives like expected, and per usual, Freddy arrives drunk. By the end of the party, It’s the conclusion of Gabriel that this monotony is lifeless, but acts in a way that traps those who participate because we are barely aware of it.
I think of myself and my daily monotony. I wake up the same, go to work, see the same people, and make the same jokes. My co-workers and I talk about the same things as the day before. I go to the same restaurant for lunch, and at the end of the week, I collect the same pay check as I did last week. When I actually become aware of it, my life is centered around routine. l’m...

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