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I Want To Know What Love Is

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Humans are perfectly imperfect creatures. The faults found in us humans are present in every aspect of our being. These faults are found in every aspect of our being, in our physical appearance as well as in our mental and emotional states. Contrary to popular opinion hate is not the opposite of love, indifference is. Both of these sentiments are fueled by passion and are more related than one would care to admit. One of the main arguments about the novel The End of The Affair revolves around whether or not it is a story about hate or love. Greene’s novel is most definitely a story about love. This idea is often mistaken for hate because of the initial passion that is shown from the ...view middle of the document...

“There's nothing discreditable about jealousy, Mr Bendrix. I always salute it as the mark of true love.” (Greene 12) This novel is about love, and how humans have to find a way to experience true love. The characters experience completely human qualities such as jealousy and obsession. These emotions are necessary so that one can eventually find a more genuine form of love. This transformation is seen throughout the book as Bendrix experiences jealousy, rejection, denial, and acceptance. All of which are feelings of true love.
Each character in this work has some interaction with love. The exact type of love that they are each feeling may be in a different stage. Bendrix undergoes all the stages of love before finding what one would call true love. At the beginning of the Novel Bendrix is unsure about how to express his love so jealousy and obsession are what he shows. As the events in the book occur his love begins to slowly develop into a more healthy version of love. This more evolved version of love that Bendrix experiences becomes tangible when he chases Sarah into the church. “The slowly growing pain in my upper arm where her weight lay was the greatest pleasure I had ever known.” (Greene 69). This situation shows how much Bendrix cares about Sarah, he has moved past the idiotic jealousy and just longs to be with her.
Sarah has a more active search for love and this is evident in her journal passages and her interactions with religion. “Sometimes I get so tired of trying to convince him that I love him and shall love him for ever. He pounces on my words like a barrister and twists them. I know he is afraid of that desert which would be around him if our love were to end, but he can't realize that I feel exactly the same.” (Greene 49). She obviously is stating that she loves Bendrix. This contradicts the idea that is given at the beginning of the novel by Bendrix. Bendrix makes her out to be a harpy that plays with his emotions and broke his heart for no apparent reason. Unlike Bendrix Sarah actively seeks out God in her search of love and becomes infatuated with catholicism. This is another reason why Sarah’s love seems more genuine than Henry’s of Bendrix’s throughout the novel. She seeks love so intensely that see begins to believe God. In her journal she states how foreign and ridiculous the idea of God is, but in the end she begins to seek God out in order to truly find love.
In the novel Sarah shows a version of love that Bendrix does not, selfless...

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