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I Want To Pursue A Career In Chemical Enginieering

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I, Sumegha Godara, a Chemical Engineer by qualification and a teacher by passion, want to pursue my MS degree course in the field of Chemical Engineering. I have strong inclination towards energy, renewable energy and environmental science. I want to work on the industrial application of Chemical Engineering in order to leave a greener and brighter planet for the generations to come.
My interest in energy and power generation dates back to my childhood when I grew up seeing electricity crisis and increasing prices of fuel in my country. I believe that energy is the backbone for the world’s growth and as the means of conventional power generation have limited potential, I strongly believe that its my responsibility to contribute in the field of research related to non-conventional ways of power generation. I used to read news articles about these topics and as a young student I decided to utilize the best educational resource available to me in order to contribute towards a brighter planet. I secured 1011th Rank competing with 100000 students, in the engineering entrance exam which tests analytical skills and in depth knowledge of science and mathematics. Then I decided to study Chemical Engineering from one of the most prestigious institutes in India, M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur.
During these 4 years of my Bachelors of Engineering I studied Mass Transfer, Fluid and Particle Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Transport Phenomena and Design but I was most interested in energy and environmental science and used to search the web to learn beyond my curriculum. I learnt various concepts and applied these learning in various industries during my internships. During my 2nd year of Engineering I learnt about the basic plant’s equipment’s and their working by spending my summer doing training in National Fertilizer Limited (NFL) which is a major Indian producer of inorganic and organic fertilizers and industrial chemicals also, I did a project on Decolourization of High Speed Diesel (HSD) with Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), a Government of India owned entity and India’s largest Oil and Natural gas explorer. This project deals with the various methods that can be utilized for making HSD a marketable product with focus mainly on cleaning of the HSD, economics and feasibility of the product and at the same time giving proper concern to the waste management and pollutant control.
Motivated by the results of my project with ONGC, I also did a project with Hindustan Zinc Limited, a Vedanta Resources company and among world’s largest Zinc-Lead producer. The main focus of the project was to increase the Zinc recovery. And the project resulted in increase in recovery by 4.5%, from...

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